Oh If We Only Had A Mudroom! – Week # 7


What a lovely area this is!  A perfect, walk in the door, stop and drop all our stuff.  Wait…what if we don’t have one of these amazing mudrooms and still long to be organized?

Week # 7



The idea of an area a family enters into their home is not new.  We imagine the name mudroom comes from the days when more families came in off the farm “muddy” after doing their work in all kinds of weather.

Today, home interior design has evolved for the mudroom to become so much more.  No longer are these areas just to trap mud…now we count on them to completely organize our lives.

Two Essential Elements Of A Mudroom

1-Hooks, Hooks and More Hooks

Hooks are by far the number one single item that can help us all get, and stay organized quickly and, well cheaply.  We plan for hooks in nearly all  of our designs because they work.  Seems to be human nature for all of us to hang something on a hook when we see it!

wall mount coat rack with hooks Uniqueof Square Wooden Wall Mounted Board For 4 Log Wood Coat Hook

However, nothing is more frustrating than when a hook falls off the wall.   Taking the time to anchor a mounting board is worth the effort.  Double hooks mean double function.

bronze double hooks


Bronze Double Hooks

brushed chrome double hooks


Brushed Finish Double Hooks

Faking A “Mudroom”

Think a board of hooks is too boring, or simply does not fit into the decor? So did this savvy Mom at carriethishome.com Now this is a great looking and performing “mud hall”! We just love to share such creative design ideas that really make a difference in how a home functions.


The second essential element for a working drop area is a quick, easy to use storage space for each person in the family.  Let’s look again at that mudroom we are still drooling over.  What do we see?  Baskets and lots of them.


Yes, these woven baskets are wonderful and fit perfectly in this custom designed space.  However, we’d like to recommend an option that works in so many ways.  Especially for shoes!



Sturdy Stacking Square Laundry Baskets

At 19x19x13, these stacking laundry baskets line up and slide easily on the floor and are lightweight enough tote from one space to another.  We’ve got Mom’s who have individualized baskets for everyone in the family and even have baskets for each sport.  From house, to garage to car these babies become workhorses that keep busy lives organized.


Back To School And Off To Work

School has started for some and is just around the corner for others.  Soon backpacks, shoes, school projects, sports equipment are going to be begging for their own space.  No matter the space, take a quick look and see if a few hooks and baskets can make it function better.

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    1. Yes they do look pretty and good ones will hold up. They would not have lasted with our sons sports gear and it was so easy to hose down the plastic baskets every so often!

  1. Great idea, Laurel. My brother has one of these (although I don’t think he calls it a mudroom) and it’s fantastic for two little boys to come in and get rid of their mucky clothes and boots, after playing football in the rain!!! Lxx

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