Personalizing A Spec House TV Area Before & After-8.8.18


When a builder, or developer as is the case in many Florida communities, builds a house without a specific homeowner under contract for that property, it is called a Spec House.  The builder speculates what a prospective buyer will want to buy in terms of the layout and finishes.  Even in the best built spec homes, buyers will want to do some personalizing.

Wednesday “Wow!”

When the buyer of a spec home is a talented interior designer, magic can happen.  LeAnne, with Pretty Olive Interiors, graciously shares her own family room with us today.  LeAnne admits that the spec version of this wall wasn’t “completely awful” (love that phrase and may have to use it sometime).  When you visit her site, you’ll learn that her husband also wanted a bigger tv than what would fit in the spec niche.  Mission accomplished in the most spectacular way!


There are so many wonderful elements to enjoy in this interior’s design.  A textural stone wall, warm wood finishes, accent lighting and those darling floating shelves all make this guys TV look good.

Appreciating Good Design

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Laurel Bledsoe Design is our established design firm.  We’ve got years of experience and have seen trends come and go, some several times.  We appreciate timeless, personalized, good design.  This is a good design!

Thank you for sharing...LeAnne!


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    1. yes..leanne is a wonderful designer and now new Mom if you want to see more about her on her blog

  1. This looks fabulous! I personally am not a fan of all of the neiches, etc that builders put in houses and it is nice to see that there is a solution to repair them.

    1. agree…I’ve never liked too many niches…one is impactful and after that they always create a “what to do” situation.

    1. We’ve designed spec homes for builders and have to hold them back on the built ins!

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