What Is A Deconstructed Kitchen?

Can we see ourselves living with a deconstructed kitchen?

What Is The Deconstructed Kitchen?

The definition of deconstruction is to break something down into its separate parts in order to understand its meaning, especially when this is different from how it was previously understood.

Think of how we perceive our kitchens of today.  Everything is built into a preplanned space.  Our firm, laurelbledsoedesign, is blessed with wonderful clients who ask us to assist them when planning a new kitchen design.  We have expert cabinet makers and dedicated contractors to implement these projects.  Designing kitchens that truly are the hearts of a home are rewarding.

However, there is a tiny little yearning in most designers to break away from the norm and create spaces that function to the max with an intriguing design.  The deconstructed kitchen, a space where each element stands alone, is our playground.

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Elements Of The  Deconstructed Kitchen

In the most simplest state, a kitchen is used to store food, the items needed to prepare it, then a way to clean up afterwards.  Today, on Friday Favorites,  let’s do this!


The Clean Up

Plumbing connections may be the only limitation to designing a deconstructed kitchen.  But do we really have to have a sink built into a cabinet?  A cabinet that really gets funky quickly and is tough to really use for working storage?  What if we had a great sink and faucet, with a bit of counter space and accessible storage of the things we use the most, handy?  Don’t fret, we can design the space to house a dishwasher and perhaps a few base cabinets in the event not all of us are ready to be this cool.


Personalized and Unique Storage

We can hear our readers now….but where do we put our stuff?  Anywhere and everywhere using storage pieces that work for your needs.  We personally love to design lots of tall storage for the most function and endless design possibilities. Think about how much use we get out of our upper wall cabinets.  Now imagine they are doubled in capacity and more reachable.  Increase the depth to 18″ and most storage needs can be met.  Go back up and look at our first photo.  See the tall, personalized storage to the left of the concrete support?  And what about the rolling cart in the photo above?  Storage and work surface able to be exactly where we need it.  Nothing thrills a designer more than using a unique piece of furniture for unexpected storage needs.

Architectural Digest

Freestanding Appliances In A Deconstructed Kitchen

Perhaps the most recognizable element of any kitchen is a killer cooking area.  Deny it if you can, but most of us are in awe of a good-looking range.  We want the biggest, or most unique units we can get with as many features as possible.  We just know they will become an essential part of our lives.  We will have a relationship we are happy to share with others.  So why do we then bury these babes in a sea of cabinetry?  Look again at the first photo and the range top in a freestanding cabinet bank (just gotta add it is in front of a window!) and the photo above where this beauty is sharing space with a fireplace.  Bet the food even tastes better!

Apartment Therapy

We can’t tell you how much time our industry has spent perfecting the concept of a built-in refrigerator with usable capacity.  We agree there is something alluring about a sleek, integrated big cold box.  We also appreciate the good design of both the conventional stainless refrigerator in front of that window again in our first photo and of the cute Smeg that is holding his own in the photo above.  Love the wine storage to the left too!

Is A Deconstructed Kitchen Right For You?

Maybe, maybe not.  We all live in different types of architecture, and need our kitchens to perform in different ways.  However, what is for certain is that we all have the opportunity to think past conventional design and explore the possibilities of a kitchen that is anything but ordinary.  Ready to talk about it…you know who to call.

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9 thoughts on “What Is A Deconstructed Kitchen?”

  1. The innovative storage space is eye-opening, Laurel. And so is that fabulous black fridge next to the white staircase – love it! Lxx

    1. To me this is minimalism…having the best of what we need and want! Yes, love these SMEGS…getting ready to install a red one next week.

  2. Gosh, you find the coolest ideas, Laurel! Even if it wouldn’t work in our area, it can give you such great inspiration!!
    Now I need to contact you about our living room. I started the process, but I need to get the measurements and finish it!! Can’t wait to hear your ideas!!

  3. I love this topic and seems to me that more often than not in English houses you see deconstructed kitchens, especially if they are old houses.

    We are contemplating a move and are looking at a house that the main part of the house is one huge room with exposed beam ceilings. My problem is the kitchen and i am currently looking for ways to change it to better suit the space and what I want.

    Just out of curiosity, how long does a typical kitchen remodel take?

    1. Yes, our friends across the pond have indeed mastered the deconstructed kitchen. A full kitchen renovation is between 6-10 weeks depending on the size of the space. Having a complete set of scaled plans and specifications, with all products confirmed available is essential to a successful project. Ironically, today we have just completed a kitchen and our clients, contractors and design team have all had a wonderful experience. Plan the work and work the plan! Check out our virtual design kitchen options…we can help from afar!

  4. Kitchens are definitely the heart of most homes so planning the right type is key for a happy home. That black fridge amongst the white is incredible! 💗

    1. And every home has its own personality! We do like that Little Black Fridge!

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