Stained Wood Is No Longer Sacred- Before & After-8.15.18


We’re going to be a bit sexist on this blog…but don’t worry we will smooth it all out before the end.  This is a post about painting stained wood!

Mars Vs. Venus

Throughout our 30+ year history in our firm, we’ve noticed a huge division between guys and gals when it comes to painting wood in a decor.  Twenty years ago, guys resisted painting any wood surface.  No matter how badly finished a wood surface was, painting anything with stain and varnish was considered sacrilegious.  Ladies, however, consider any surface fair game when it comes to slapping on a coat of paint!


We have to point out the original wrought iron stair case has been retained in this before and after paint job.  Painting the walls and trimwork makes this vintage design ready for another generation.  Gals – Score!

Guy’s Have Rules About Painting Wood

All guys will gladly agree to paint walls and ceilings.  Many will even do that part of a project themselves.  Understanding and agreeing to paint other things is an evolution.


Gal Honey, I want to paint this old dresser blue.

 Guy – Sure, can I help you move it where you want it?

Gal – I think I’m going to paint these wood walls.

Guy – Honey, Are you sure “we” want to do this?


Wow!  Now this wonderful window is a feature in this room with the tonal painted walls and trimwork.  Gals – Score!

littleblackdomicile-laurel-LBD dress


When To Consider Painting Wood Surfaces

  • when multiple wood species, in the same area, have all taken the stain differently
  • if sun has damaged the finish and caused fading
  • stain is too dark
  • a stain is the wrong color for a decor
  • when there is too much wood and little contrast
  • to feature architectural details
  • to be budget friendly


Let’s relook at our lead photo.  All of the reasons to consider painting wood surfaces apply in this hallyway.  Ages have been taken off this decor and the wood flooring is now a beautiful compliment to the updated features.  Guys are coming around.

Wednesday “Wow”!


Gal – Honey…..

Guy – I’ll get the roller!


Appreciating Good Design

Wait!  Did we just promote painting a wood floor as in the amazing example above?  Do we know guys who are excited about doing this?  Yes.  We are happy to report that we have clients, especially our guys, who are open to innovative design options and more than ready to tackle a project like this.  After all, isn’t a floor just a wall at a different angle?

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8 thoughts on “Stained Wood Is No Longer Sacred- Before & After-8.15.18”

  1. Have you been secretly at my house lately??? We just painted our kitchen cabinets white and we couldn’t be happier!! It’s amazing what a coat of paint (or a couple of coats…ha ha) can do!!

    1. Paint is the number one, most economical way to achieve high end design in a budget savvy way. Design plans can help everyone choose the best color for the project, and advise on how to use paints with the architecture. And we are just having a bit of fun with the “guys” today….they have come a long way baby!

  2. I’ll go for painted wood trim on walls and widows every time. Sometimes on furniture, too.

  3. Ok, I have a lot of stained wood in my house and the thought of painting over it hurts me. But they are also all fairly new, if its old and outdated (like wood all over the walls) I say paint away.

    1. Right…beautiful, well planned and finished wood grains are an asset to a homes decor. We don’t want to hurt you!

  4. I have rules about painting wood, too. I’ve painted A LOT of wood, with pleasure and spectacular results. My dining room came two-tone-tan with wooden chair rail — Um, no! Painted that whole room right up and now it’s not a soul-sucking hole in the center of my home! Some pieces are precious, but not all of it. Bad wood paneling, or worse, bad faux wood paneling is just an ideal canvas for what could be wow.

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