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We all crave natural light in our home’s interior design.  When the light creates unexpected elements in our decor we are thrilled!  Remember this post where we soaked in all these glorious interiors filled with sunshine?

Sunshine-Unexpected Free Interior Design

We all know our homes pretty well.  They are our favorite spots to sit in and steal a few “me moments”.  When a view we’ve seen a hundred times catches our eye, it is usually because something is different.  Looking at the two photos above and below, in this case the difference is sunshine.


Sitting in my “me spot” one morning, I glanced up and noticed the fiddle leaf fig in our living room.  He’s been there for years, has been a nice add of nature’s greenery, yet also a dust collector on those big flat leaves.  This morning the way the sunlight was filtering in on those dusty leaves, intrigued me enough to get up and look at the shadows being created.  Going back up to the lead photo you will see how much of an impact señor dusty has on the entire interior.

Motivational Monday

Himalayan Salt Soap3oz _ 85.05g

So as we head into the last weeks of our,  Declutter and Get Organized By Fall series, let’s get our windows cleaned.  Years ago I remember that washing windows was an item on the spring cleaning list.  After a messy winter, a way to refresh.  No doubt that having windows cleaned is a boost for all of us.  Personally, Fall is the most beautiful time of the year and a time when its more likely to have a window or two open.

Having windows cleaned professionally in our homes is not terribly expensive.  There is something about having all the windows clean at one time without possible in-house arguments on which side the streak is on.


Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

Fall is coming!  Our favorite time to get back into our homes to enjoy the shorter days and lead up to family holidays.  If you are already subscribed to receive new posts, we thank you!  If you are not we invite you to subscribe and ask you to pass us along to others you know who depend on their homes to be The Perfect LBD!

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