Updating My Childhood Bathroom For The Next Generation


Todays post is very special to me.  Recently,  I had the opportunity to work with my parents updating my childhood bathroom for their grandchildren.  Keep reading to learn why this project is even more special to me for another reason.

Two Designer’s 30 Years Apart-One Bathroom Project

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

Meet Us!

Laurel and I work so closely together that at times it seems like we are the same designer planning and implementing the projects our clients entrust us with.  Over twenty years ago, Laurel helped my parents design this very same bathroom for me, and my two brothers, to share in their circa 1938 home.  So this time, she encouraged me to take the lead and create a design for the next generation.

Planning A Bathroom Renovation

After the inspiration, most renovation projects come to life on paper before any physical work is started.  An interior design portfolio is compiled of literally hundreds of photos and notes that make up the plan and specifications.  Working closely with our talented contractors, the plan’s elevation below became the photo above.

Britt Guest Bath Wall A 2.28.18

Please enjoy the video below that shows in a bit more detail the design and construction process of this bathroom renovation.


Medium Dress 1

Yes, indeed this is a special project for Kristen, and me as well.  Kristen is a talented designer, who has the passion and the determination to succeed in the challenging design industry.  Now, for a close up of the before photos of this bathroom.  If I wasn’t so thrilled to be working together, I might be a little jealous.  What an amazing transformation!

laurelbledsoedesign-bathroom-renovation-vanity-design-mirror-sconces -virtual-interior-design

Now This Is A Wednesday “Wow”!

Thank you to MD Contracting Group for their dedication and expertise bringing our design to life!


We’d love the opportunity to help with your next design project.

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laurelbledsoedesign-bathroom-renovation-vanity-design-mirror-sconces -virtual-interior-design

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12 thoughts on “Updating My Childhood Bathroom For The Next Generation”

  1. Beautiful! I am always amazed how tweaking the same room can turn it into a completely new space. So many people want to rip it all out and start over! As we can see here…..there is no need!

    1. Yes, using the same footprint, especially when it is from 1938 it’s best to work with what we have. However, next week we do show you an add we made 20 years ago for our then little designer in the making! Sidenote: The original bath, 20 years ago, did have a 48×48 cool corner tub I wish we had kept!

    1. Thank you. Mr. LBD got a little teary eyed today…he’s also Mr. Sentimental!

  2. Mr. LBD isn’t the only one a little teary eyed over this project. The young designers momma is too!! I am not only wowed on Wednesday but every time I walk in to our Grandchildrens/Guest bathroom. The transformation you design girls did is stunning and I could not be any prouder!!
    Thank you!!

    1. Thanks and while all of you are getting out the hankies, we are onto the next exciting projects!

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