Save A Tree & Your Sanity At The Same Time – Week # 10

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Here we are already.  The end of summer for most of us.  Our kiddos are back in school and work routines are more organized.  After weeks of fun and vacations its time to enjoy our homes and look forward to all the paper clutter than has accumulated over the summer.  What?!

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Paper Management

The digital world we live in was supposed to reduce the paper we have to handle.  Well, I am the certified nerd.  I am diligent about using online statements, digital magazines and taking the time to unsubscribe from companies with paper catalogs.  The only paper mail I’d like to get is a sweet note from one of our kids. (right..why write when we can text?!)  So why is our identity in danger every day at 2pm?  Mail is why.

Last August we wrote a post about this very subject and received numerous requests to repost it.  Here it is…start your paper management system today.


What If The Only Paper In Our Home Was The Green Kind?

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