Thinking Outside The Box When We Need More Bathroom Space

Notice This Says …Guest “Bedroom” …Yes For A Bathroom Design

Sure, today everyone can prepare a design presentation board…or perhaps better known as the techy term “mood board”.  Yet when it comes to solving space problems and pushing us outside a conventional design trend, using an interior designer can make all the difference.  Say like, when a family really needs a better solution for sharing a bathroom!

A Little Shy On Bathroom Space?


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Last week on Wednesday “Wow!”, we all got a little emotional sharing a special project for all of us.  Today we put away our hankies and move on to another part of this project that I remember so well from twenty plus years ago!

Adding A Vanity In A Bedroom

The next part of the story, about my now interior design partner’s childhood bath update, is that she was perfectly wedged between a handsome growing big brother and the most adorable baby brother.  Time at a single vanity was going to get pretty tight as everyone grew.  Adding a private, well-appointed vanity area in her bedroom was almost as good as a second bathroom!

The Bedroom Vanity Gets An Update

Kristen included this area in the main bathroom update.  My turn to brag on her a little bit!


It’s a bit hard to see the full vanity space since it is so purposefully “hidden” from the bedroom.  Our original goal was to create a useful space but not get the feeling there was a sink in the bedroom!


You see that the original layout had the sink on the left.  Notice now the sink is more discreetly positioned on the right side?  Our firm, laurelbledsoedesign, is so very fortunate to work with Tim Johnson, of M&H Custom Cabinets, who is always willing to work with our “what if’s” and make our cabinet designs come to life.

Look at these beautiful inset drawers and Kristen’s choice of brass and glass hardware!
An extended back splash and the beginning of mixing the chrome and brass metals.
Good design pushes us to try new things…like 3 different metals in one design!

Unconventional Classic Design


To wrap things up, good interior design is first and foremost about problem solving.  At times the solution may most definitely seem “outside the box”.  In this case, we’ve got a pretty good history proving this design works.  As for the finishes, I admit, Kristen wins this one with her keen insight of using classic elements in new ways.  We are excited to see how well it keeps working for the next 20 or so years!

Using An Interior Designer Is Not Expensive…It’s All About Value

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    1. There is always a solution to make our home’s spaces work the best for us…this one has a pretty good track history!

  1. I love this! Such a great idea. We are getting ready to buy a house and I need all of the great ideas that I can get about bathrooms and kitchens. In the house we are looking at they are fine, but they are not my style, especially the kitchen. Thanks for the tip to think outside the box.

    1. Will our combined years of experience and young fresh approach…we are just full of ideas! Onsite or vitally…we can help you create the Perfect LBD for your home!

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