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It’s Friday.…Do You Have A Favorite Style Of Architecture?

Can Architecture Remind Us Of A Season?

Fall is the one season that many of us want to push and usher in and then make it linger as long as possible.  Warmer days, cooler nights in nearly every part of the country.  Summer flowers are still going and Mother Nature adds he own artwork with all the luscious colors of changing leaves.  And yes, we think the style of a home can remind us of a season.  Today we share a few architectural beauties that make us think “Fall”!

Scroll back up and look at the colors in the Spanish home and landscape.  Clean, simple and yet with a slightly spicy feel.  Perhaps cinnamon laced morning lattes on the small porch listening to the fountain trickle.


Ah…a barn always says Fall…even if the naked grapes say it’s spring.  Architecture like this always conjures up the idea of the upcoming harvest with music and dark purple grapes .


Both of the architectures above and below remind us of horses.  Regardless of whether or not we own a horse, the welcome style of a farmhouse is always appealing.  We can almost smell a bale of hay!


Finally, a house near a lake with that wisp of smoke coming out of the chimney is the ultimate Fall home.  There is absolutely nothing like the smokey smell of a fireplace that makes us all know Fall is in the air.


Fall 2017

A fun little observation.  This is our second Fall with LBD and we are equally thrilled and exhausted that we have made it this far in the blog world!  Writing and publishing 4 posts a week is challenging at times.  Yet, looking back to last year its interesting to see what we were sharing.  We still do not know what the term “blog” means, and have racked our brains to come up with an acronym.  For now, we are content to simply say LBD is a journal and a way to share our feelings about good design with others.  Because there is a Perfect LBD For Every Home!



Let’s finish off the week looking at some interiors that really get us thinking Fall is just around the corner!


Interiors That Feel Like Fall!

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