Get Organized By Fall – 10 Week Series Round Up


Officially, the first day of Fall this year is September 22nd.  However, to most of us Labor Day signals the end of summer.  It’s crunch time to make our days run more smoothly.  Here’s a recap of  our Declutter and Get Organized By Fall Series.  

Just Get Organized!

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No one strives for an unorganized life.  Do we ever wake up and say “Today, I think I will do all I can to mess up my house and create as much chaos as possible!”  Yet, it happens.

We’ve got expert after expert who show us all the benefits of an organized home.  Our design firm,, assists our clients everyday to create systems in their homes that help make life better.  However, we’ve learned that each of us have different areas that are important to us to keep organized and make our lives run better.  Below are the 10 Main Areas we are asked to addressed.

 Could these areas be a bit better in your life?


WEEK # 1

WEEK # 2




WEEK # 6

WEEK # 7

WEEK # 8

WEEK # 9

WEEK # 10

Having Our Homes Organized Frees Up More Time

Wouldn’t it be nice to have just a few extra minutes a day to decompress?


One thing we do agree with the experts ….keeping clutter at bay in our homes is not a one time event.

5 Minutes To Beat Clutter Each Day


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    1. No kidding! 10 weeks flys and if we do a bit of organizing each week it can be so simple and really change our days!

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