How Green Is Your Kitchen?


Painted white doors, in all styles, remain the number one sellers of most cabinet manufacturers nationwide.  White cabinets lend themselves to most decor and the ability to customize the hues has indeed allowed us to create some stunning kitchens.  However, these kitchens also have one thing in common….white is a very “safe” choice when it comes to kitchen cabinets.

How Do Interior Designers Feel About Color In The Kitchen?

Kitchen owners throughout the country began to regularly inch away from the safety of white cabinets a few years ago.  We’ve seen more soft neutrals in the gray color palette and navy make a substantial appearance.  Designers are secretly rejoicing.  For decades, the big boys in design have always used the most gorgeous lacquered kitchens and have never shied away from color.  Rich aubergines, decadent chocolates, ruby reds, timeless turquoises and glorious greens all come to mind when we are given the opportunity to recommend a custom paint color for kitchen cabinets.


Yes, we understand that the majority of us would really have to consider painting cabinets in “a color”.  What about resale?   What about the rest of our home’s decor?  These are all legit considerations and ones we would never take lightly with any of our clients.  However, we also know that good, classic design always sells no matter what “color” or style.  And any decor style done correctly is always a win.  So what would we do if we were not afraid to do something outside the norm?

Dare To Be Green In The Kitchen

For fun, and a bit of “what if” dreaming, let’s look at the two kitchens below shared with us by (love that name!)  Both kitchens are equally eye catching and have similar wonderfully executed design elements.  

Green Kitchen # 1


  • wood floors – one is a traditional 2 1/2”-3” plank with a golden finish; the other is a wider plank in a washed finish
  • cup pulls for drawer hardware – one in a shiny brass and the other in a brushed stainless
  • white wall splashes – one in a subway tile and the other perhaps a 4×4 standard white ceramic tile
  • cabinet lines go to the ceiling with top moldings – one traditional crown and the other a modified transitional design
  • slide in gas ranges – one an enamel european model and the other stainless
  • range hoods – one stainless and the other designed within the cabinet detail
  • apron style sinks – both very similar
  • high arched sink faucets – one brass and one chrome 
  • square edge hard surface counter tops – one light and one dark
  • islands – one freestanding and open, the other built in and closed
  • area rugs – one larger and one smaller
  • green cabinets – one a high gloss brighter green, the other more subdued in a softer green

Green Kitchen # 2


Can you see yourself enjoying one of these kitchens?  What feature is most appealing to you?  Go a step further and dream about what the house would look like, maybe even where it would be?  Let’s even take a poll and place your vote for your favorite in the comments below.  And if you are the owner of one of these inviting type kitchens, well then we are really green with envy!

Bon Weekend!

On Wednesday we looked at a few exteriors where paint really made an amazing difference.


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5 thoughts on “How Green Is Your Kitchen?”

  1. Hi Laurel, I wasn’t sure at first when visualising a green kitchen in my head – but when I saw the photos, I was converted – stunning! Lxx

    1. And this is why the masters in design are the masters…we should try to find some archived photos of others!

  2. I am on my third white kitchen, and am definitely a white kitchen person. I cannot deny I love that bright emerald, particularly the finish on it, so reflective and cheerful. Alas, it would not jibe with the rest of my house, bit too rich and shiny, but oh, it’s such a pretty choice, and just as classic.

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