The Number One Reason To Work With An Interior Designer



Interior Designers See Things Differently


Pottery Barn, like so many of the other well-known influencers in the home interiors market, consistently show us designs that make us all want to live in the spaces they have created.  Like this charming classic bath above.  It’s perfect, except for one tiny thing……

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Interior Design That Reflects You


We are always the first to appreciate and pass along another designer’s talent when we see it.  We are also humble enough to know that boo-coo dollars go into the design process when a company is going to market their products.  The crisp white open vanity, against the soft blue board and batten walls is spot on.  Loving the floor chevron marble, the aged brass fixtures and the classic wallpaper.  We even think the baskets with essentials are nice.  So what is it that bugs us?  What is it that we immediately see that we think could be a tad bit better?  Need a clue?


Pottery Barn Kensington Mirror

Early Planning Makes All The Difference In An Interior’s Design


Reflections Are Important

Ah, see it now?  The reflection of the wallpaper in the mirror makes the vanity wall look really busy.  Just think what it is going to look like if we try to look at our mugs in the mirror.  Even busier.  What if the opposite wall was floor to ceiling of that beautiful wood wall treatment?  A solid wall color reflecting in a mirror can really make a difference in the design.

Wait…Don’t all the walls in a room need to be the same?




Walls, and ceilings, should all have a relationship.  Lighting, layouts, textures, finishings and function need to all compliment each other as well.  This is where using an interior designer, even for a quick source to bounce ideas off of, can prevent misuse of those small little details we will notice because….

Interior Designers See Things Differently

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  1. The perfectly framed bird in the mirror immediately caught my eye. Could it be that the master wallpaper hanger planned this? Even though I love the original photo, as usual, you make a great point of improvement.

    1. Agree…the bird is sitting pretty…just a lot of feathers when a mirror needs to function. Every situation is unique!

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