Can Everyday Life Be Part Of Our Interior Design?

Motivational Monday


This morning my kitchen counter has pots/pan left drying on towels from last night and the sink is going to soon have dirty breakfast dishes in it. I’d love to have this all tidy before I leave…but it’s not going to happen because I’d rather be a few minutes early for my first appointment so my week starts off smoothly.  So what I choose to see this morning are the remnants of the cozy Sunday night dinner shared with my hubby and the breakfast I made time to eat today.-Feb 2017

Medium Dress 1


Monday’s and Interior Design

Monday’s are always busy for a design firm.  Our clients often have more time to ponder projects during a weekend and the emails and texts come in more on Monday’s than any other day.   Because we love what we do, Monday’s are also days we are anxious to get started with another week of opportunities.

The above photo and text are from one of the first posts in 2017.  Many Monday’s come with a little bit of the same routine.  It’s easy to get a dose of the guilties if all we see in our beautiful homes are the things left undone.  On this Motivational Monday, let’s look at the everyday parts of our lives and see that they are right at home in our interior’s design.


Did you see what we loved about this interior design on Sunday We Spy…..


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