Are You Unhappy With Your Home’s Interior Design?


Bringing interior design to the masses is a multi-million dollar business for so many companies and designers.  The marketing campaigns instantly get our attention and lure us into wanting the latest and greatest offered.  However, after following the trends, we have clients who are still unhappy with their home’s interior.

Your Friend’s Home Is Perfect…For Her


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Longing after what your bestie has in her home?  We shouldn’t.  Her home is “her” design and one she has lovingly created for her family.  Compliment her, enjoy her home together and only take away the motivation to have your home suit you in the very same way.

Our Home’s Interior Design Should Reflect Us!




Our design team specializes in helping our clients create interiors that are completely customized to reflect their wants, needs, personalities and budgets.  Yes, everyone has a budget that is just as personal as the decor.  Good design is not about how much we spend, but rather how we spend what we plan to.  Bad design is when we make mistakes and waste our budget before we finish The Perfect LBD.

Waiting For A Curated, Collected Interior Design



We live in a world of instant gratification.  Amazon can have almost anything we desire delivered to our door in 2 days.  This is great when we just used the last of something, or forgot a birthday. (oops!)  Acting quickly to buy a dining room table might be a mistake when we can develop a design plan to use Grandma’s table refinished and enjoy it for another lifetime.  Waiting is worth it!

Motivational Monday

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A Home’s Interior Design Is A Work In Progress

Just as we change our wardrobe, or our autos, a home that evolves to fit our needs and our preferences is a home we can be contentment with.  New homes, vintage homes, large homes, small homes, condos, apartments, modern design, traditional design, lofts or garden level….they all serve the same purpose and are as unique as each of us.


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4 thoughts on “Are You Unhappy With Your Home’s Interior Design?”

  1. I was just talking to Nancy about getting her set up with your service. She wants to get some more ideas of what she likes first (I told her to peruse Pinterest unless you have some better options?). She is a procrastinator…..

    1. Wecall work at our own pace. Today’s post is a gentle reminder to all of us that contentment is the goal yet it’s a changing target!

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