Warehouse Living – Before & After 9.26.18


Somewhere in every designer’s heart, the longing to bring a failing structure back to life looms.  It’s like an itch we can’t scratch.  It’s why we drive a bit out of the way to see “what is going on” on a particular street.  It’s why photos of warehouses converted to living spaces always make us pause and say someday.

Old Warehouses Can Be Scary


Renovating an old warehouse is not for the faint of heart.  But for those with a passion for architecture and design, there is no other structure that intrigues us as much and offers us more.

Warehouse Living Means Living In A Building With A Soul

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Wednesday “WOW”!

Let’s take a look.

Industrial Chic


real homes-warehouse-living
Bohemian Bad Ass


Marvelously Moody


Gallery Glam

The options for use of space and interior design are endless in a warehouse space.  Historical aspects of the building sometimes set a tone for what is to come.  At other times, a complete 360 of previous use is exhilarating.  These living spaces can be chic, glamorous, moody or bad ass….it’s all up to the dedicated, and a bit daring, souls who sign up as caretakers of these architectural treasures for the next 100 years or so.

Sheer Excitement!

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    1. After living in a converted warehouse, I can say the best part is cleaning is a breeze! Nothing like concrete floors…or wood that already has hundreds of pairs of feet to patina it!

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