Does Motivation Fade During An Interior Design Project?

Simply put…we lose motivation with many of our interior design projects because we lose sight of what is really important.

In 2017, 5.51 million houses were purchased as resales.  Regardless if a renovation project is simply considered painting a room, or a full blown gut job, that’s a lot of changes to our interiors taking place every year.

Motivational Monday

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It’s easy to be fired up about wanting to place your “own stamp” (wherever in the world that phrase comes from, it is overused!) on a home previously owned by others.  In fact, we suspect that no project seems too daunting, overwhelming or out of reach.  Right?  Right…that is until we get started and reality sets in.

Interior Projects Are Hard Work

Even with the best thought out plans, renovations can add extra hours to the busy life we already live.  Feeding the kids anything but junk, finding the leash to walk the dog, and keeping the air quality breathable after more dust than we ever thought possible…can undo the toughest.

Yet, happily the outcome allows the bad memories of a project fade as quickly as childbirth.  And on we go as a nation, over and over again, to tackle all kinds of home interior design projects!

The Before
Oh my “deer”!

Thus is the case of an inspiring young family we have been privileged to work with during this last year.   Although we have never met face to face, when working together on a families kitchen a bond is made.  As designers we “see” the space long before it materializes.  However, even after as long as we have been helping clients realize their dreams, there is always something we learn from each project.

A Project Does Not Have To Be Finished To Be Loved

Yes, this is what we learned from two little boys who now call this kitchen home.  Again, we’ve never met them, nor even seen a photo of them, yet we can see them padding down the stairs to belly up to the new bar and enjoy a bowl of cereal.  When their Mom shared this “in progress” photo of the newly “after” space, we just had to share!

Planning Is Important….But

Sure, Mom and Dad did all the thinking, planning and a large portion of the work themselves, renovating the kitchen and attached lower level family room so they could work better for their family.   They enlisted our services to help redevelop the space to included a desired family entry, reworked laundry room and walk in pantry.  We worked together on inspiration photos, floor plans with elevations, and ultimately product selections.  The space has been transformed to fit this family’s needs for many years to come.
Yes, we can help you design a home from a favorite pair of earrings!

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But…Here’s When A House Is A Home

In case you did not notice, not only is the amazing, blue crackle splash not complete in this photo…but the sink is not even installed yet.  But did this stop this family from starting to love their new space?  No it did not!  Mama was deciding what stools to go with (we hope the Moo won!) when the little guys got in the action.  We say a project is complete enough when the art on the fridge is hung and happy hour glasses are ready!

Project Motivation

So does our motivation fade during an interior design project?  Of course it does.  There are only so many hours in a day and weeks on end of renovating we can take.  All of our lives are unique.  We all have different “I need a break” points and “let’s get going again” buttons.

Sometimes, sitting on a cow stool, coloring a picture for your Mom while slurping a bowl of cereal, is just about all the planning we need.

Thank you to our clients for sharing and for our readers who enjoy these kinds of projects with us. 

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12 thoughts on “Does Motivation Fade During An Interior Design Project?”

  1. You guys did such an amazing job…just like with our living room. I can’t wait to showcase it ….I was going to include Nancy’s rooms too, but it looks like she’s going to be slow about it…ha ha

    1. We appreciate very opportunity and enjoy the journey and process as much as our clients. Interior design is a professional with such personal involvement!

    1. We work on site with some clients and very nicely virtually with others! The beauty of years of experience and new technology!

  2. Hi Laurel, I’m always so fascinated with the before and after photos – so often, they look like different houses! That’s motivational in itself!! Lxx

  3. This post is so timely for me! This past month we had our master bath remodeled. My husband was out of town and I was stuck in the house with the contractors and our 2 dachshunds(barking almost non-stop) for 10 days. After the first week I was so over the renovation I did not even care what it looked like.

    1. So you are one of the millions who take on a renovation project each year! We take a lot of pups to doggie daycare during a renovation. It is pretty stressful on them to stay in sometimes!

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