How To Take A Room’s “Good Bones” To The Next Level In A WEEKEND!


Many of us have rooms in our homes with “good bones” as the saying goes.  In reality we know there are really no bones yet elements to the space that are a good foundation for good design.

This room has a nice wood floor, a great pair of windows and some decent size base and top molding.  It’s also got a basic and a bit boring color palette.  What would you do to take this space to the next level in a “weekend”!

Wednesday “Wow!”

What?!  Are we crazy to think a room can be totally, and we mean totally, transformed in a weekend?  Drumroll please, in this case, for about $1500 and a little DIY sweat labor.  Yes, we help our virtual clients do it all the time!


Look at this amazing room now!  Chango & Co is a full service interior design firm, and if you are in the Brooklyn, NY. area they are the ones to call for creative designs like this one.  We so appreciate when others post their work thru various social media for all of us to share.

Recently we’ve gotten several inquires asking about how our virtual design packages work.  Today our readers will have the opportunity to take a look at how our basic plan works.

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

Our Virtual Design Packages Help You Be A Weekend Warrior

After we all gather and share information about your project goals, we’ll chit chat about budget and prepare design suggestions for your space.  Recommendations are presented with design boards like the one below.  You’ll also get descriptions and our thoughts about each item suggested in a format with stoppable links.  Then you sit in your pj’s to review the plan and order the goodies. In some cases, get your painting clothes on and tool box ready! Virtual design is fun, inter active and who wouldn’t want to have a designer as a BFF!

Living Room Design Board

Two Ways To Learn More

Simply contact us ,  to give us your email, and request either the 7 page pdf of this design, or an email invitation to use the digital version of this Design Files Package. We think once you see how easy this is you are going to want to try it for a space of your own!



We look forward to showing you more about how virtual interior design works!

See you on Friday Favorites!

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