5 Quick Ways To Feather Your Nest and Get A High End Design

It’s the weekend, the weather is supposed to be getting cooler and we are itching to feather our nest.  Join us today for our thoughts on 5 ways to get a high end design…now!

#1- Choose Larger Accessories

nested tours-large-aceesories-home

No matter the decor, larger scale accessories offer a high end design quickly.  A single item, several or a grouping all grab our attention.

Friday Favorites!

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

Let’s look at some of our favorite ways to complete high end design!

#2- Use Other Than “Framed” Art


Art is personal.  The most impactful art are pieces that we choose that are unexpected.  Think past a framed piece of art and see what a difference it can make!

#3-Look For Ways To Add Texture


Texture is not always something we can feel.  Our eyes “feel” things first so look for pieces with visual interest to add to the decor.

#4- Use Items You Already Own In New Ways

eatsleepwear-stacked books-perfume-woven-baskets

We designers are pros at “shopping” in your home when we style your spaces.  Books stacked make perfect little shelves for personal things we use all the time.  Why not have a favorite perfume as an accessory?  A small dish collects things like keys or chargers in style!

#5- Turn Something Old, Perhaps Forgotten, Into Useful Treasures


There is nothing like the accomplishment of repurposing a piece of furniture for new use.  Grab a previously loved family piece, or a less than wanted find from a resale shop and put it to use.  Sometimes a little paint can completely change how we look at something!

The Weekend DIY’er

No one knows your home and lifestyle better than you do.  Play with your home, try different things and be open minded on how to use the things you already have.  Need a little bit of confidence…that’s where we can help.  Just ask!

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Bon Weekend…Happy Hour Awaits!

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