Nix These 3 Reasons We Procrastinate Considering Home Improvements

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Ideas for our homes are literally everywhere.  HGTV, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, magazines when we get our hair cut, our best friends’ homes, and the most prominent ideas we deal with, are the ones bouncing around in our heads.  With everything so readily available to us…..why do we still procrastinate when implementing home improvement projects?

Costly Home Improvement Projects

Bathrooms are so very important in our day to day lives. Along with kitchens they are the rooms we all plan on renovating to some extent.  Despite what we see on every HGTV show, budgets do not always stretch as far as projected.  We all want to get the best value for our personalized budget.  Being realistic and learning what we can do versus what we can’t do makes it all work.

Motivational Monday

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Let’s talk about why and how we procrastinate about projects and what we can do about it!

You Be The Painter


Most of us can do some of our own painting and free up some funds for the things we can’t do ourselves.  The trick is to spend more time on the surface prepwork than the paint application.  Paint the walls, ceiling, trim and even the cabinetry yourself.  We can also tote the trash, clean up and hang small items.  If you are subbing out the job, talk ahead of time with your contractors and see how to share the work.

Home Improvement Projects Take Endurance


If you are lucky enough to have more than one bathroom…here is our greatest tip to stop procrastinating about this home improvement project.  CLOSE THE DOOR.  Regardless of who is doing the work, projects take time even with the best planning.  Once the work starts, give the project the chronological time it takes…especially when doing some of the work yourself.  Life happens and that last minute opportunity will be a solid memory long after the pain of renovation fades.

We Are Afraid To Make Mistakes

Let’s go back and look at this wonderful spa memory evoking bath we all could most likely create even in a small bath.  Yes, those might be large marble slab tile walls framing that soothing sea blue subway full wall splash.  However, in today’s market, there are endless ways to substitute one product for another and not sacrifice a design.  This peel and stick marble paper, cut into the various sizes of a true marble tile can actually turn out to be so much more creative.  Keep it going with alternatives for splash tile and take it to the ceiling.  Not ready for a new floor tile job, fake it with an area rug that gives the same impression as your inspiration photo.  Own the selections you make!


Peel & Stick Marble Wall Covering



Alternative Splash Tile black-white-bath-r

Black and White Rug

Home Improvement Planning Takes Time


We meet with clients often who have hundreds of ideas for their home projects.  At times they have too many ideas and are paralyzed when it comes to making final decisions.  This is a great time to work with an interior designer to review, edit and ultimately specify the project’s details so you can move forward.  We can even help find the alternative projects so that your project is the best it can be.  A few hours with a professional, who has your best interest in mind, is as priceless as your valuable time.

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  1. I could not agree more with this post. I think the reason that we put off things at our house it that we both work from home so having projects done while trying to work with two barking dogs is a bit of a challenge. Typically what happens it the projects get done while my husband is out of town. We just had the master bath remodeled and all that is left is the paint and light fixtures.

    Have a great day!

    1. To us…lighting is like the jewelry of project! You are almost there sister!

    1. It has been perfected so much that it is a great choice. Have to watch it in high heat areas tho for obvious reasons.

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