From Butt-Ugly To Beautiful-A Bathroom For A Growing Family


Nothing warms our hearts more than to have the opportunity to work with young families who lovingly restore a vintage home to make it fit their needs. To say they must have a vision of what could be is an understatement.  Join us today as we share how this bathroom went from pretty ugly to beautiful!

Function Must Come First In Bathrooms

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Wednesday WOW!

Of course we are all anxious to get going on the selections for a bathroom update.  Remember Monday’s post when we mentioned the word patience?  Having a bit of this is in the beginning of a project allows us to consider functional changes that can make a huge difference in the outcome…especially in very small spaces!

Use Limitations

Existing Laoyout

As what happens in many renovations to vintage bathrooms, standard size cabinets and fixtures of today do not always allow for the best use.  In this case, the space between the tub wall, vanity and commode was very tight.   For a family with a big sister getting a new brother or sister, we knew we had to squeeze out every usable inch.

Suggested New Use Of Space

The goal was to be able to gain room for one more to be able to get ready in this bathroom and not bump into the tub wall.  The solution was a vanity cabinet a bit more narrow but with an extended counter top.

Proposed Layout

Future Max Out For Storage

A vanity with full function drawers was made possible by a counter mount, user friendly sink.  Future storage over the commode can evolve as needed.


Now Onto The Beautiful Bathroom!

Our clients are pretty savvy and knew the look they wanted.  They were hands-on for all aspects of the project management.  We simply acted as their sounding board most of the time and made a few recommendations of where to look for products.  Our busy Mom, soon to be for the second time, previously assisted others with bathroom selections which is why these choices are so wonderful!


All marble flooring and tub walls are blended so nicely with a soft gray trim detail and white walls.  These colors compliment the rich charcoal color of the new vanity.


Look at all the small detail of the white porcelain hot/cold buttons on the tub controls and the floor marble pattern repeated in the shower product niche.


Here’s our favorite extended counter and higher quartz counter splash.  Look how all the mixed finishes work so well together!  No trendy, showroom floor bath design here!


Remember a few posts back where we talked about paying attention to what reflects in a large mirror.  This couple nailed it!


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    1. It is a skinny one for sure! Kristen and our extremely hands on homeowners maxed out the use in a very tight schedule.

    1. Thanks…we strive to be “just enough”…that’s why we are a great fit with DIY’ers as well as our full service clients.

    1. Kristen and homeowner worked well together on this project. Both very resourceful gals!

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