Super Quick Ways To Update A Bathroom NOW!


All week we have talked about bathrooms.  We are fired up to spruce up our own this weekend.  Just like a previous Friday Favorites,  here are tips on Five Ways to update a bathroom NOW!

Decant Products

Don’t stop at hand soap on the counter for pretty, product saving dispersing of your favorite everyday items.  Get a soothing spa-like look quickly by looking on sites like Amazon for all kinds of bottles like the ones below.


Link for Similar Clear Acrylic Pump Bottles 

Replace Towel Bars With Hooks

Not only are hooks in the bathroom much easier to use than towel bars, they will add quick decor changes.  Hang them in groups and treat yourself to some new replacement towels.  Consider using a bronze finish to really have this utility item become a feature!


Link for Similar Robe Hooks 

Use Art For Necessary Storage

Under cabinets and linen closets get full fast.  No one wants to hunt for t.p. when we really need it.  Great looking baskets with lids just beg to be explored.  Why not use something artistic for storage?!


Link for Similar Woven Basket With Lid

Bring The Outdoors In

A simple soft white vase is always at home with a little bit of nature for us all to enjoy.  Take a quick look outside your own door, or pass up the florals at the grocery and go for the green.


Link for Similar White Vase

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12 thoughts on “Super Quick Ways To Update A Bathroom NOW!”

  1. Hooks look all right but I want my towels to DRY and hooks don’t do that. I don’t want smelly towels nor do I want to wash towels every day. There is no need. Just sayin’. xxx

    1. Thank you for this point of view. We have clients who report the exact opposite, saying the back of a wet towel on a bar does not get as much ventilation the front. One thing is for sure…hanging towels us after use in any manor is better than having them in a hamper or piled on the floor! Living in a humid climate, and one where we leave large patio doors open often, we use this trick to keep towels fresh longer…after use we pop them in the dryer for about 5 minutes which drys the newer fast drying towels nearly complete. Then back on the rack/hook for another use!

  2. Great ways to update the bathroom. Love the acrylic bottles in the shower. I actually stayed at a hotel about 8 years ago that did that, it looked cool and saved on waste. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love the hooks instead of towel bars. You put those in our sons’ bathroom. It saved me from ever having to straighten their towels again. They were more likely to hang them up on a hook, too.

  4. Some great ideas here, Laurel – I love the decant bottles – I think I was one of those who ‘stopped at hand-soap’ but am now feeling more inspired! Lxx

    1. Thanks…as is your site… all of our readers need to subscribe for daily inspiration through photos.

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