Can The Colors of October Inspire A White Interior?

Our Favorite Color Is October!

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We’ve all noticed that the trend in interior design has been to lighten, or “whiten” up.  Yet, how many of us can live in a world without color?

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White Interiors Are Wonderful….However

Don’t get us wrong…to an interior designer there is nothing like an all white color palette to begin planning a decor.  From crisp cool whites to warm soft whites, on ceilings, walls and every kind of trim, we simply love them all.  What really sends us over the moon is when these blanc elements are paired with color!

Motivational Monday

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“I’ve gone overboard with white walls, neutral furniture and now our home looks like it’s missing something.”-AB

Our firm, laurel bledsoe design, is hearing this type of statement more often than not of late.  Mass marketers of home furnishings have done a fabulous job of sending us glossy catalogs, and online photography, that shows room after room of neutral decor.  Social media is crammed full of rooms that look lovely all snowy white and soft kitten gray.  We admit, at times we get sucked into this type of marketing as well. What if we used the mass marketed offerings as a base, or a backdrop to our home’s interior?  What if we took our cues from our favorite month to add color to our home?!

October Is Full Of Color Inspiration


Take a look at the photos above and below.  Yep, we want to stroll in that slightly smokey air of last night’s fireplaces burning and then warm up in an inviting bedroom like this one!


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Mother Nature Is The Ultimate Designer


Adding nature’s color and texture, in an otherwise neutral palette, can also inspire a home’s interior style.  Designers can get all inspired by a planter of cabbage

Orange Is For October

Just to stay in the spirit of the season, what about this amazing kitchen which is our version of pumpkin spice!  And a final confirmation that indeed, October can inspire our white interiors.


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6 thoughts on “Can The Colors of October Inspire A White Interior?”

  1. I always love the look of the white rooms, but I know it wouldn’t last long for me….i’m a color addict!! But you’ve shown how to incorporate it so perfectly!!
    And wouldn’t you know I have that two toned pumpkin on my dining table?? LOL!!

    1. Everyone has our comfort level with color….and it’s ok for that to change now and then. Just like with fashion…our moods change!

  2. I see the white rooms, white walls, white furniture totally devoid of color and I wonder how it all stays so clean and perfect all of the time. I love the colors of Fall and that it what I use in my house. Love these photos and inspiration.

    Have a great day.

    1. Oh we have our ways to keep white decor fairly maintenance free…plan the work and work the plan! Color is comfort in so many designs.

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