Repurposing Existing Furnishings Can Create The Most Meaningful Before and After Reveals

The Living Room Reveal


Often some of the most interesting architectural designs in a home are in rooms that seldom get used.  Such a shame.  When we have the opportunity to help clients better use these spaces, we get all warm and fuzzy inside.  Especially when  repurposing some existing furnishings like in this welcoming space above!

The Before Living Room


Look at this wonderful room!  Gleaming hardwood flooring, soaring windows flooding the room with natural light and a curved stair landing unlike other homes.  While beautiful, rooms like these can be a challenge to furnish.  Giving a space a purpose is often all it takes to allow the pieces to fall into place.  How about creating a cozy place for reading, listening to music and surfing the web like we all do?

Repurposing Existing Furnishings

Below is one before photo of the family room in the same home.  Our virtual design client asked us to help them redesign this space and include new furnishing suggestions.


Scale and Balance A Must For Good Design

Before we suggest the paint color, wall treatments or the first piece of furniture, designers get a bit obsessed with showing clients how to create scale and balance in a space.  Many times existing furniture can simply be arranged differently to work better in a space.  When new furnishings are suggested, this can be even more important.  Unfortunately, we get calls after furniture is purchased and is either too big or small for a space.  This can be an expensive mistake.  Below is the new furniture space plan for this family room.  The view of the fireplace from the adjoining kitchen and the large window inspired the layout.

Floorplan and Furnishing Design Boards

Gretchen Conn Family Room Renovation Concept 8.16.17


More Photos of A Family Room Makeover





Can you spot the repurposed furnishings?


Yes, we encouraged our clients to keep the leather sofa and large TV wardrobe, previously in the family room.  Using them makes such an inviting living room!  Take a peak back thru the photos and see what other piece of furniture we retained for the new family room plan.  You may have to hunt!

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

Wednesday “Wow”!

Thanks to our virtual design client for sharing not one, but two, before and after transformations.  We sincerely appreciate, and enjoy the virtual opportunities like these that allow us to help others create The Perfect LBD in their home!



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    1. And virtual design in a perfect way to use a designer to make the DIY projects fun!

  1. You do such a fabulous job with this!! Of course it’s your specialty, but I also think it’s so nice to have another set of eyes look at a space. I can’t wait to show off my living room…next month!!

  2. Hmmmm…my first comment didn’t go through?? Or else you’ll get two? But I love how you transformed this living room. Of course it’s your specialty, but I think it’s so great to have a second pair of eyes look at a project. I can’t wait to reveal my living room next month!

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