How To Survive A Renovation Project And Even Have A Bit Of Fun!


Plan The Work

Work The Plan

A renovation project in our home can be equally exciting and stressful.  Today, on this Motivational Monday, lets take a look at how one client reminds us we will survive, and even have a bit of fun during a renovation project.

Patience Is A Virtue During A Renovation




Seeing The Beauty In The Renovation Process

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During a renovation, a designer’s job is not only to present concepts and options but also to be the number one cheerleader during the process.  That is, to reassure our clients that everything will be worth all the chaos.  So when a client motivates us…we think it is worth sharing!


Notice the photos in this post that show a wall literally stripped down to the studs and concrete block.  Add in some blue painters tape as we determine the best location for a wall mounted TV and media console.  Pretty?  Not so much.  Exciting?  Somewhat, because we know what the overall plan is.  Fun?  Yes!  Our client sent these photos that remind us all of the plan for these exquisite art pieces which will flank each side of the TV and make this media wall especially meaningful.  The juxtapose of the raw block wall and glass art pieces keeps a little fun in the project!


Consider Renovation Selections

After the overall design concept has been determined, consider options for various selections.  The two wall sconce options below are options for the lighting fixtures over the two art pieces on the pedestals framing the media center.  Either will be a wonderful asset to the updated decor.


Considering A Renovation?

5 Tips To Help During The Project

  • Be Flexible with Selections – Materials get delayed, come in incorrectly, and can even become unavailable.  A good design will not be contingent on any one piece of the puzzle.  Consider a change for a small part of the plan to be an opportunity.
  • Be Firmly Compassionate with Workers – Yes, everyone has a life outside of your project and it is nice to be interested to a point.  However, becoming to friendly with people in your employment during a project can quickly lead to awkward situations regarding performance expectations.  Wait until the project is complete to socialize.
  • Take a Break From Cleaning – Renovations are messy.  Have a goal of keeping your living area safe and moderately clean.  A major clean up at the end of the project is the best use of time.
  • Keep an Inspirational List – At the start of the project, make an itemized list of what will be accomplished with the renovation.  What will be better than before and what problems will be solved.  A daily reminder of the end goals is always soothing.
  • Vent as Needed – Sharing the events of the renovation with the right people can help relieve some daily stress and in most cases, make a situation more manageable.  Just don’t over do it and buy the wine!


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  1. Great post, Laurel! What I really admire about your profession is the ability to see potential where others may only see blank walls! Lxx

    1. Or in this case..block walls that previously were mirrored! Thanks…but it is always a team effort to accomplish the perfect LBD for each one of us.

  2. I read that title and actually laughed. I’m not sure it’s really possible but you’ve given us the idea it can be….LOL!! It’s all about keeping the end in sight, right?
    And actually I’d like to say that I’m great at not cleaning much….(not that my hubby thinks that’s a good thing)

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