What Do A Swimming Pool and An Ugly Staircase Have In Common? Before & After 10.24.18

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Wednesday “Wow”!

Oh those blues and greens we all conjure up thinking about the reflection of the water in a swimming pool.  Beautiful right?  Right!  Which is exactly how we were inspired to update an ugly staircase.

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An Ugly Staircase

Yep, this is an ugly one!  And to top it all off, in this otherwise amazing, architectural townhouse, this staircase is the main entry.  Yuck!


Cosmetic Stairway Updates

Upstairs, downstairs…all stairways do the same thing.  Stairs are an architectural, engineering feat.  Unless they are in an unacceptable location in a design, we leave them alone.  But when they are ugly we recommend minor cosmetic changes that can totally transform a design.

Swimming Pool Tile

This townhouse is located oceanfront and has a swimming pool.  We spent a lot of time being the fish in the bowl, peering out to the pool, during the planning stages of this renovation.  One day with the tape measure in hand, it dawned on us to measure the stair riser.  Pool tiles fit perfectly!


Bye-Bye Ugly Stairway!


Here’s What We Did

  • alternated rows of both a patterned and glazed pool tile on the risers
  • retained and restained the existing oak handrail and stair treads
  • added a small panel molding above the existing base to create a higher stringer board
  • painted walls, molding and ceiling all the same brilliant white


Remember The Ugly Stairway Before?


Thank you to our wonderful clients for allowing us to share today’s before & after photos of this project.   

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    1. Stairs are often overlooked and yet can be such a design asset. You know where to find us when you are ready to bounce ideas!

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