Is Orange Too Scary Of A Color To Use In Our Home’s Interior Design?



Hard to believe we are at the end of October.  Scary to think that the color orange is overlooked by so many when planning our the interiors of our home.

Orange Is Not A Scary Color

No, Frank Sinatra said Orange is a Happy Color.  Ole blue eyes was right.  Take a look at some exceptional examples of designers that were not afraid to infuse this wonderful color into these interior designs.

deceits-orange-dining-chairs-black and white art

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

Motivational Monday

All we need to elevate the amazing hues of the color orange in our homes is a bit of motivation and confidence.  Need help tweaking your Perfect LBD?  You know who to call. 



Add Some Orange To Your Decor

Look all around.  It does not take long to see entire decor with a white and gray color palette.  It’s a trend that keeps on going because it is safe and not beige.  We get that.  What we also hear day after day in our design firm is that our clients want more color again.  How about adding a tad of orange?!



Happy All Hollows Eve

Just to take a quick stroll down our Halloween memory lane, we’ll share two of our son’s favorite holiday get ups.  This kid (now 35) lived for Halloween.  He’d start planning his attire about February each year.  And no store bought costumes for him.  Early on you can see we could pull off using a mask manufactured by a professional, but that did not last long.  Nope, it was all homemade all the way.  After days of painting bones on a black sweat suit, he informed us the bones were not all there and they needed to glow in the dark.


The year of the lion caused a wardrobe malfunction.  Mr. LBD stuffed his tail with coffee beans so it would “bend” as requested, but that caused his pants to be pulled down.  The kids solution, no big deal, he crawled through most of that holiday.  The next year we caught a break when he wanted to go as Sam Donaldson, which I think we could have parlayed into a Spock with just a little more thought!



See You For Another Wedesday “Wow”!

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10 thoughts on “Is Orange Too Scary Of A Color To Use In Our Home’s Interior Design?”

    1. Nice way to say he was always a bit of a pill! Fun but always into things to the max!

  1. I’m not afraid of orange, although I tend to choose it in shades of coral. (What with all my soft aqua blues and greens.)
    One of my daughters has had a ‘Cantaloupe’ wall color for years. It’s warm and lively. Everyone always gasps when she tells them she has an orange room, and when they see it, they say, “Ohhh!” Haha!

    1. Love it when a color is described with food…makes it so much more relatable to us all. This is why we often do a food/fashion and interior design blog post.

  2. That Jim! I am not the least bit surprised that he would have such intricate costumes. I bet he is still a pill….loved the pictures.

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