Black and White Appliances…..

Are We Ready To Ditch The Stainless?


We’re going to let you in on a little secret….most designers do not like an entire kitchen full of stainless steel appliances.  As a matter of fact, it’s pretty black and white that we love designs without any shades of gray!

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It’s Time For Another Friday Favorites

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We hate to say “we told you so”…but we did in this past post , quite a long time ago.  There are other, more design savvy choices than stainless steel for our appliances.  Appliance manufacturers are finally listening to designers and offering better selections of black and white appliances.  Let’s chat about some of our Friday Favorites!

White Appliances

Sure all the high-end, glossy white with mixed metal accents, appliances grab us at hello.  However, not only are these babies expensive, they also often come in sizes larger than standard openings.  But we don’t always need a major renovation to work these bright beauties into our decor.


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Black Appliances

The opposite of white is black and boy can these appliances make an impact in so many designs!  Just as white appliances can have metal accents, black appliances are a natural companion with stainless.




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Another Favorite Combination In A Kitchen

Before we sign off for the weekend, we want to share another favorite combination of ours in the kitchen.  Warm, textural stained wood cabinets with both black and white compliments.  Can you say “home for the holidays”?!


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17 thoughts on “Black and White Appliances…..”

  1. What a refreshing approach, Laurel – let alone that I certainly find stainless steel very hard to keep clean and sparkly! Lxx

    1. Yes and it seems to dent more often. It is still a tool in the design box but we think it has been over marketed somewhat.

  2. I’m extremely happy you posted this. We re-did our kitchen last year and I absolutely refused to put in stainless steel appliances. I put in white! I love white. Period.
    I was starting to regret what I had done (even though internally I was happy) because everything is about the steel, steel, steel. Now, after reading your post today, and finally getting an approval on kitchen trends, I’m realizing I was right all along.
    Thank you ever so.

    1. There is a Perfect LBD for everyone…and all we do is advise along the way. Good for you. You are now officially I trendsetter we predict!

    1. We can only hope for that lovely green to make another run! I’ll send you another invite to subscribe. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Yes. I never got on board with SS, because I am a white appliance person. Even the retro colored appliances charm me more than SS. To each his own, and for me, white. Of course, I’m also on my third white kitchen, soooo…

    1. To all our clients who are afraid white is too hard to keep clean…better go read Diane’s blog and see that this cook is fearless!

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is not a stainless fan. I recently replaced my appliances and went with white. They brighten my very dim kitchen and will go with whatever cabinet paint I eventually choose.

    1. White seems to be a favorite choice…but we must say black with stainless accents is amazing!

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