Quick Ways To Update A Laundry Area-Before & After


Regardless of whether or not we like doing laundry….we all like nice places to do it.  Let’s look at a few quick ways to update a tired laundry area.

Wednesday “Wow”!

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Last week we shared a post about an opportunity we had to assist in preparing a property for market.  This house was blessed with a nice size laundry area and just look at this cute little window!  However, the space was a little outdated and felt very crowded.  The quick fix….fresh paint on the walls and new cabinet hardware makes this laundry space appealing to all buyers.

Laundry Before


Laundry After


Fresh Paint In A Fresh Laundry Room

cheer crank-laundryroom-before-after

Often we overlook the power of paint in areas that others do not see.  Look how much difference this fresh paint makes in this laundry.  The shelves on each side of the window make this space look balanced and so much larger.  Wow!

Update Existing Cabinets


Take a close look at this laundry quick update.  Yes the walls got some nice wall panels and a crisp new paint color.  But it’s the removal of the center cabinet door and clean white paint that completely change this space.

Laundry Update Checklist

  • Clear The Clutter – Take a quick look at how many things are in the laundry area that have nothing to do with cleaning our clothes.  Do a full clean out and find better storage solutions for items that don’t belong.
  • Clean The Machines – Just as our cars feel so much better when clean, so do our washers and dryers.  Don’t forget the pedestals on these types of units.  They can get pretty funky in there.  Tip:  Try using washable baskets in these big drawers to keep things better organized.
  • Use Wall Space – Accessible open shelves, cabinets and hanging rods and hooks all make laundry rooms function.  Tip:  Don’t forget the back of a swinging door.  So many ways to use this space and keep it hidden at the same time.
  • Paint – Be bold and go ahead and paint walls and cabinets.  DIY’ers…start your brushes!
  • Evaluate The Lighting – Rooms with windows are great…keep them as open and free from window treatments as possible.  Choose light fixtures that offer the most wattage.  Cool, blue lighting for the lamps/bulbs are always a good choice for task related areas like a laundry rooms.

Need More Laundry Room Update Ideas?

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