The Artistic Holiday Dinner Table

It’s November Already!

 Silver and Gold Holiday Tables

Long before we get to the big dinners of Thanksgiving and Christmas, are all the parties for our family and friends.  Nothing says we are into the season more than silver and gold!  Mix in glass of all shapes and sizes and it’s easy to create artistic tables.

All Items Available At Neiman Marcus

We have clients who take setting a table, even on a regular day, very seriously.  So we can only imagine how wonderful their holiday tables will be!   For us, being our first holiday season in our new home, we are looking forward to using some of the beautiful wedding gifts we received.  Holidays are also such a good time to use more artistic serving pieces.

Artistic Tables Do Not Have To Be Expensive

Even if we entertain simply the rest of the year, we all have to admit that a stroll through houseware boutiques, or a place like Neiman Marcus can get us all in the holiday entertaining mood.  But boy, can these things be expensive!

Friday Favorites!

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

Shop First At Home

Before buying anything new, do a quick inventory of items already owned.  Dig deep into the cabinets and closets and edit what is never going to make it to the table.  Get these things to Goodwill now so someone else can enjoy them this season.  While at Goodwill, take a peek.  Sometimes the best finds are just waiting for you there!

Amazon Finds

While Neiman Marcus will always remain among our favorite places to dream, here are (6) pieces that can really add entertaining artistic flair any time of the year!


Serving Platter Link Here




Water Pitcher Link Here

crystal-glasses-whiskey-bourbon -barware

Crystal Glasses Link Here



Cake Stand Link Here


Glass Ringed Serving Bowl Link Here



Gold and Silver Serving Spoons Link Here

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  1. Great post, Laurel. I especially like your approach of ‘Before buying anything new, do a quick inventory of items already owned’ – you have summed up my own philosophy in a sentence, Lxx

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