Selling Furniture Online Eliminates The Heavy Work


Just as our needs in our wardrobes change, so do our needs in our home’s furnishings.  However, unlike light weight clothing, furniture can be bulky and a bit of a pain to get out of the house.  Selling furniture online lets someone else do the heavy work!

5 Tips For Selling Furniture Safely Online

There are numerous online sites for selling furniture.  If you are serious about moving a piece of furniture out quickly then craigslist is the site to use.

1-Post The Add Early On A Weekend

The saying at yard sales is “the early bird gets the worm” rings true for online shoppers as well.  The most current ads post first on Craigs List and buyers who scroll for items are up early when shopping for a specific item.  Post add when you can be home for the initial few hours because items at the right price and in good condition appeal to the masses.

2-Be Specific and Enticing Describing The Item

Using a well-known manufactuer in the description automatically tells the buyer more about the item.  Get out the tape measure and measure accurately to let the buyer decide if the size is right for their home.  Listing the original price shows what a bargain this piece is.  Be honest about the condition and relay a bit of decorating advice to encourage buyers to look at the photos.



craigslist Ad – Arhaus Custom Neutral Animal Print Club Chair works perfectly in most decor.  Original price $1495.  Relocating and unable to use.

3-Include Good Photos

We don’t have to be professional photographers, but do get the item into a spot with some natural light to photo so that true colors show.  Include several angles of the item and a clear close up of the fabric.  Remember our add said “neutral animal print”?  This one is small, like a small kitty intead of a full grown cat, but a buyer needs to see it’s meow before making a trip.


4-Price Online Furniture Items Correctly

Be more than realistic about what the furniture is worth.  Furniture depreciates 50% the minute we buy it.  Then drops drastically for its condition as we use it.  Keep disposal goal in site.  Any amount of cash is better than the hassel of toting it off to a donation center.  Personally, seeing the buyer get so excited over “the find” is worth more than the few dollars in our pocket.


If you really want an item to fly out of your home, and feel tremendous about learning how your beloved item will keep on giving, post it in the free section.  Free to the new owner and free labor to us!

5-Use Common Sense and Be Safe When Showing Items

We’ve sold many items on craigslist and have only had good, even heart warming experiences.  Once we even sold a car to a gal who had regained vision enough to drive and Mr. LBD even took a screw driver to the DVM to put the plates on for her.  However, there can be nasty people everywhere.  If possible, place the item in a garage or covered outside area so buyers do not come into your home.  ALWAYS have another person with you when showing items.  NEVER give any personal info except your preferred means of contact.  Be friendly with the buyer, but don’t “become friends”.  No buyer needs to use your bathroom during a 15 minute transaction.  Accept cash only and cancel the posted add as soon as the sale is complete.

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

That Wrap’s Up Another Motivational go get rid of those furniture pieces you’ve been pondering about selling!

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  1. We’ve thought about this….in fact, I still have my dad’s drafting table in our garage because we thought we’d try to sell it. But we just don’t do that well…..So if you want an old fashioned drafting table…please come on by…

    1. I used one for years…great conversation pieces now that we do all our drawing on line!

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