The Secret To Successfully Staging A House To Sell

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The best real estate agents know using an interior designer to prepare a property for market is an important tool in their box.  But what is the secret that designers use to always make every staging successful?

Let’s look at this lovely home, currently for sale in the Sarasota, FL area.  Our clients asked us to help them evaluate their house prior to the photos by the agent.  Their home is inviting and their furnishings are artistic and ever so interesting.  However, when we are selling a house we don’t want a buyer to look at the furnishings…we want all prospective buyers to be able to see themselves (and their furnishings) living happily in this structure.

Balance Is The Secret

No two houses going to market are the same.  Even identical floor plans may have different selections of finishes.  The lighting will fall just a little different from one property to another and we all have our own personal taste in furnishings.  Balance is the one thing that all homes benefit from regardless if going to market or simply to be the best they can be.

Before Staging


Our Staging Recommendations

Would we spend $100 to help buyers see our property in a better light?  Of course we would!  In this case, we meant this literally.  Our first impression of the house was a bit gloomy.  We are in the time of year where the sunlight does not shine in as many hours a day.  Changing the lightbulbs to the cooler, white light of GE Reveal lamps made a big difference.

  • rearrange smaller accessories, pillows, florals and plants
  • create correctly sized groupings of art and accessories
  • reposition the main conversation area to allow more seating, create table access from each seat and allow for clear traffic pattern from all avenues of the main areas
  • use existing table and floor lamps to maximize design concepts
  • balance color and texture for the greatest impact in both the photos and initial impressions

Brains and Brawn

We look at our homes, and all our possessions every day, but sometimes don’t see what others see.  Design professionals use that little trick of balance to make subtle changes that offer noticeable impact in the listing photos.  Hire an expert, lend a hand and make some of these appealing changes.

Wednesday “Wow”!

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

After Staging

Look at the two photos above and below.  Can you see the simple changes to the dining area?  Chairs are placed on each side of the table instead of at the ends.  This allows a buyer to walk all around the table and see there is room for even 2 more chairs.  Notice the light reflecting in the art in the before photo.  Remember we needed better lighting overall?  We simply swapped a large floor mirror and the art location so that we gained double the light.  Did you see where the colorful art is in the first photo?  It is now part of a perfectly balanced wall decor the buyer sees as part of the initial “wow” walking in the front door.

Before Staging

More Balanced Staging Before and After Photos


Open the blinds, clear a path all around the furniture so buyers can stand in front of windows and see the view.  Reduce the number of items on all horizontal surfaces.  Look at the crispness of the staged photo on the right.  It’s all about balance.  Balance the light, the contrast and the scale of the furnishings.


Another example of capitalizing on the light available and using furnishings to bring our eyes where they see the rooms best assets.


Less is more….for small accessories that make things feel crowded like the 3 pillows on this loveseat.  More is more….like adding seating to create conversation areas and keep a clear path to the view.

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11 thoughts on “The Secret To Successfully Staging A House To Sell”

  1. I love this topic. I’m often intimidated by pictures of very expensive homes, but in this topic, you did very simple, inexpensive things to make a significant difference. Paying close attention to lighting, the placement of the dining room chairs, and moving that large piece of art out of the dining room – what a difference. Nice job!!

    1. Thank you! Good design does not have to be expensive and certainly should not intimidate!

  2. So true we live in our homes and we see it every day. I designer comes in and Creates balance to help the flow of the house.Her experience helps carry out you’re gold which is to sell the house. Many of us are not aware of how important it is to have a professional stage your house before pictures. It could make a difference between selling your house in 90 days or 120 days. It will be the best money you will ever spend. All it takes is a call or a emails requesting her services.

    1. And LBD does this virtually as well. So with some photos, and back and forth communication plus a little labor we can help anywhere.

    1. Thanks…great clients to work with. We all have to approach a sale with a big a different eye. When we do this for a house our clients will call home we say we style it. Same principles but with a bit more personalization!

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