Let’s “Wrap” This Week Up!

One Week Before “Black Friday”

Do you know where your wrapping paper is?


Yes, next week is Thanksgiving already!  For some, this means the biggest shopping day of the year is also next week.  Those gifts will be appearing in droves.  Have you checked your supplies?  Ready to wrap?!

Storing Gift Wrap And Craft Supplies

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Friday Favorites!

Let’s see, last year we promised ourselves that next year we’d have enough (but not too much) wrapping paper all in order this year.  Heck, we’d even thought about having a theme, or all one paper for each kid to make the gift giving tally easier to track.  Somewhere in the back of our head lingers the thought of making each package “special”.  Hard to accomplish all this with the bits of scrap (why did we save that!) from last year and when it’s too late to buy the good stuff.  Sound familiar?

And except as swords for our kiddos, gift wrap on a roll should be banned unless someone invents a good way to secure it after its unwrapped.  How many rolls of loose paper have we tried to corral in our lifetime?  Today lets look at the best solution we have found for keeping gift wrap organized….all year round.


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Gift Wrap Hanging Bag Link Here

This hanging bag seems to work for most of us and can hang at the end of the coat closet most of the year.  Add a portable hook to a door near your wrapping station and it’s pretty easy to flip over and see all your choices.  Shopping for paper is fun and being organized about it is priceless!



Portable Door Hook Link Here

DIY Craft Supply Storage

Then we have our extremely crafty DIY clients who never buy a single roll or packet of paper.  Nope.  They make their own!  You know who we are talking about.  Their gifts are always the ones everyone talks about and wants…no matter what is inside.  Need a jingle bell for a package you are wrapping?  No problem for them.  They will simply ask what size?  These folks are organized all year long!

Stacked, lightweight drawer systems on wheels, are a nice companion to the hanging paper bag.  With a little planning, these smaller units can slide right under the gift wrap bag where they wait patiently until the next event!


Stacked Drawer Storage Units Link Here

Wrap Rooms


If you have the space, and are ready to designate it to a crafty, wrapping room….you know who to call to help design it!

Let The Gift Wrapping Begin!

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8 thoughts on “Let’s “Wrap” This Week Up!”

    1. Yes this is a trend gaining popularity. Easy and can be just as festive. However, here comes the clutter advice….we all seem to “save” bags and not just at holiday time. Do we save too many?

  1. I always love the way you wrap! Beautiful Boxes, silk bags, make a gift within a gift. So clever.

  2. I love wrapping. It’s one of my favorite things. My kip is stored in the hall closet, in a repurposed laundry hamper and bows and ribbon on the shelf above. It’s fine, no problems, but I’d definitely use that over-the-door thingy. I think that’s something to look into!

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