The Sunday Spy 11.18.18


We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  Designs that are a little different from the norm, like this one shared by Park and Oak.  At first glance we see a striking powder room.  With a closer look, we enjoy all the attention to details that make this design classically unique.

Ooooh…Here’s What I Love About This Interior Design!

Medium Dress 1

  • rich, smokey walls create the deep backdrop for all the contrasting finishes
  • the omission of a vanity cabinet
  • classically veined marble counter and elevated wall splash creates an architectural gem
  • soft burnished gold in the wall mount faucet and plumbing connections
  • black sash trim on the window reflected in the vanity mirror
  • speaking of the mirror…what a statement!
  • delicate pattern tile on the floor grounds the entire design
  • side mounted wall sconces are a wonderful add of modern design
  • bright white, wide base and window moldings frame the design
  • stainless switch covers give us the always pleasing mix of metal finishes
  • look at the modern white framed art opposite the traditional gold frames
  • a simple feather fern in a shiny silver cup works nicely with the other dimensional counter accessories
  • exposed tp?…yes when it lives in such a classy gold weave basket!
  • brass and glass single orb ceiling fixture perfectly positioned in the juxtapose of the ornate mirror
  • the homeowners sneaking a last look at a favorite room in their home before the holiday party guests arrive
  • soft jazz playing in a hidden echo dot

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  1. Another lovely post for a Sunday afternoon, Laurel – and there’s something just so timeless about marble – you can’t go wrong, Lxx

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