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Another Wonderful Wednesday “Wow”! Before & After

Reportedly the average American home has 300,000 items in it.  Hard to believe we know!  So when we start to sort through and downsize to less, we want to be sure we keep our favorite things that allow us to love our homes our way!

Today we are excited to share a quick virtual design opportunity with a couple who did not need our help with their, fun and inviting, decor choices but did need a little help working within a new space.


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We always say fashion and interior design go hand in hand.  The home today belongs to fashion blogger, Jodie Filogomo, who also offers a personal shopping service.  Jodie gets that we are all different and seems to nail what I am looking for every time.  She offers price points at every level and more importantly makes shopping easy and fun.  Kinda like a virtual design session for our wardrobes.  Below is a personal story of how this service has worked for me.


New Frye Bag From My Personal Shopper!

Love the way this shopping thing works with you…here’s a recap of how it worked for me!

I owned a 20 year old Beloved Curry Colored, Patented Leather D&B and it was way past its prime.  Hubs said do not Goodwill it until replacement found.  He knows how much I loved that bag!  

The Frye bag I found was really not the best size (the opening was too curved) as I need to be able to tote computer, iPad and small personal purse in it too.  My choice was $348 as well.   After a not so successful hour of trying to find a replacement bag, I relayed to Jodie (via email) what I was looking for and I was determined to stay with a curry colored bag.  When something works, I hate to sway from it!

Within a day, Jodie sent me links of (7) options with prices ranging from $348-$34.95…I purchased the perfect Frye bag size and coloreasy peasy with her shop link.  AND saved $150 from my original choice (which would have not been a great size) and $198.03 on a bag I will love for the next 20 years.  That’s about $10 a year!  Original bag is off to Goodwill to keep up with my own “one in-one out” closet sanity rule! 

Thanks Ms. Personal Shopper!   

How Virtual Interior Design Works

First, learn more about our Virtual Design Packages.  There are links in the menus of both this blog and our full service design website.  

After you have selected a package, we will arrange, thru email, a good time to chat via the old fashion tele so we can learn more about your goals and timeframe for your project.

Then it gets really simple…you add photos to the virtual package and we take it from there.  Below are the photos Jodie sent us to start with.  We worked together to obtain additional photos throughout the process.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 8.18.02 AM.png

We then sent her this hand sketch for her to review for general accuracy of wall and openings layout, and asked her to fill in measurements.


Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 8.07.56 AM.png


Through the program, Jodie added her existing furniture measurements when we asked for them.  The result is a scaled floor plan with suggestions of a new design layout.  We showed her both her existing sofa and the size of a new, smaller sofa she had requested.

Jodie Floor Plan-Layout.png

Below is one of the many “DIY” instruction photos included in the package.  See the interactive comment button?  So easy to chat back and forth with us about specific items when using the program from a computer.  There is also an ongoing message option to communicate from smaller devices like tablets and smart phones.  Sidenote:  Jodie immediately said she was not sure about moving her DR art into the niche over the fireplace.  So glad she did!

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 8.10.16 AM.png

The beauty of our virtual design packages is that the plans are available online at any time you are ready to work with them.  All communication stays in the program so we don’t have to hunt for something we talked about a year ago.  When purchases are suggested, the links are in the program and therefore updated by the suggested manufacturer.  If something is no longer available, you will still have the size and concept and we are only a quick comment away to help you find a sub.  You can add as little as an hour of our design time to your package at any time.  It’s like having a designer as a pen pal!

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  1. I look at every step, trying to see exactly what was done. I am learning about light, clutter, use of space. Really enthusiastic about how I can learn more by paying attention. Working with LBD gives me something to look forward to as I look at my family room with new eyes and can’t wait to see what they suggest. I’ve already implemented one thing that we talked about in our first meeting, and it made an immediate difference. Love it!

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