How To Benefit From A Minimalistic Approach To Holiday Decor

laurelbledsoedesign-minimalistic-holiday decor

What about it?  Does less is more work for our holiday decor?

Griswold vs Grinch Christmas

For years, Mr. LBD and I have had different opinions about holiday decor.  He can’t wait for the weekend after Thanksgiving to deck our halls.  I’ve unsuccessfully tried for years to make decorating a Christmas Eve tradition.  He’s the more is more is better kinda guy.  He also wants to seat 20 at the Christmas table, but that is another post.

laurelbledsoedesign-minimalistic-holiday decor

So you’d think downsizing and relocating to the Sunshine State would allow Ms. Grinch to shine at this time of year.  Less is more right?  With a few tweaks, Grinch and Griswold are happier than ever!

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Motivational Monday

Today let’s look at ways to benefits from a minimalistic holiday decor so it really means we enjoy the season more!


Use Favorite Ornaments In New Ways

laurelbledsoedesign-minimalistic-holiday decor

We no longer have a large, green tree and these heavy glass ornaments crashed to the floor many seasons anyway.  Now these favorites have a front and center spot of honor on the table.

Add Holiday Decor Amidst Everyday Items

laurelbledsoedesign-minimalistic-holiday decor-tinsel-blue-christmas-tree

Mr. LBD also likes sparkling things.  We’ve toted several small trees with us and there is a story behind each.  Now these “are” our trees.  We don’t have to move a big piece of furniture, or even everyday accessories to be in the spirit.

laurelbledsoedesign-minimalistic-holiday decor

Make A Statement In Areas More People Will See

laurelbledsoedesign-minimalistic-holiday decor-powder-room-holiday-items

Adding statement pieces in areas our friends and family will use gets even the most Scrooge like us off the hook.

Keep, Or Start, Holiday Collections In Small Scale

laurelbledsoedesign-minimalistic-holiday decor-snowflake-tree-holiday-collections

The holidays are a sentimental time.  Everyone gets a little “awww” moment opening the boxes of Christmas past.  Our son-in-law started giving Metropolitan Museum stars and snowflakes years ago.  We look forward to each new piece and love how tidy and compact this small metal tree now houses them all.  This acrylic penguin family migrated with us and now happily sits with the orchids.  We can do “Christmas” in Florida!

laurelbledsoedesign-minimalistic-holiday decor-glass-peguins


Most Importantly, Let Clark Be Clark

laurelbledsoedesign-minimalistic-holiday decor-patio-christmas-tree
Day Tree with Acrylic Ornaments
Night Time Tree In All It’s Glory!

Accepting, and learning to love, the extra holiday decorating chromosome that Mr. LBD possesses, has taught me several things over the years.

  • he’s right that Christmas music sounds better when sparkles are part of the decor
  • friends stopping by for a quick happy hour beverage are “happier” with lights twinkling
  • aromas coming from the kitchen are better with our favorite ornaments keeping watch
  • he knows that preparing our home for the holidays prepares our hearts as well
  • even tho he knows I will seldom admit it, I love Clark Griswold more than ever this time of year

Even Ms. Grinch has a Pinterest Board full of

Holiday Ideas she is ready to share here.




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16 thoughts on “How To Benefit From A Minimalistic Approach To Holiday Decor”

  1. How cute how you still get the holiday spirit without having to redecorate the entire house. I think that’s why I’m a minimalist when it comes to decorations….it can be a lot of work.
    But we just ordered one of those really skinny trees. We will have to see how we like it when it comes!!

  2. So beautiful ideas here – and some I intend to borrow! With a two year old grandson here a lot at the moment and a dog, minimalist festive decorating is a must as neither will leave ornaments alone. Ours will be the tree where the decorations only start half way up from the ground!

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