Longing For A Pretty Pantry..But Need A Real Pantry?

Pantry Organization 101!


Sure we all pine for the minimal food storage systems we see on HGTV and on display at The Container Store.  We can also all agree that an organized pantry makes our lives run more smoothly.  But then real life happens and we realize it’s up to us to make our pantry work for us.  Today, on another  Wednesday Wow, let’s look at three bloggers who share the before and after of  their personal pretty pantry!

The DIY Small Pantry

This blogger’s post really shows us all how innovative we can be!  Don’t have a pantry…make one.  Smaller pantries will benefit from a labeling system to stay organized.  You have to read the post and see how creative she is with these eye-catching labels.


See The Post Here

Designer Quick Tip

Did you know that 75% of new and existing homes have white wire shelving installed in a pantry?  If you are one of the majority, you also know that wire shelving is harder to keep clean and can be an uneven surface to work with.

White laminate shelves, available in both 24″ and 48″ ready-made lengths, can easily be cut to size and sit directly on the wire shelving.  For all the labelers out there, this also gives a nice flat lip to play with.




Closet Maid White Laminate Shelves Available At Home Depot

Pantry Product Containment

This next blogger shows us how to keep a large pantry under control with the idea of grouping and containing pantry items.  Containers do not have to all be alike.  Our favorite pantry makeover, years ago before cameras on cell phones, was with a client who used the large containers her Costco products came in for all kinds of new uses!


See The Post Here

Ongoing Pantry Organization

Lastly, as the blogger relates in her post, pantry organization can really be called pantry clean up.  Even the very best systems need our attention on a regular basis to keep us all happy!


See The Post Here

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8 thoughts on “Longing For A Pretty Pantry..But Need A Real Pantry?”

  1. The containment is a great idea. We did purchase and put in the rolling shelves in our small pantry, which have been SO helpful.
    And I have used a small box on one shelf, hmmmm. Now I need to do that all over!

    1. Pantries need to evolve just like our make up as you pointed out in your blog post today! Maybe we should put a mirror on the back of our pantry doors?!

    1. And any type will do to get started. We encourage clients to use what they have first, master it and then move onto the “pretty” as a reward when we really know what works for our Perfect LBD’s.

  2. Pantry containment is always a challenge in our house. Our pantry is under the stairs and while I am happy to have a pantry it is certainly a challenge to organize and to reach the stuff. And frankly my baking stuff, flour, sugar, copious amounts of chocolate sometimes get out of hand, especially at the holidays.

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