Kitchens Are The Heart Of Our Holidays!- Before & After 12.5.18


Even in the most wonderful homes, there can come a time when we realize that how we want to use a space has changed.  Especially during holiday time when the kitchen is the heart of all of the activity!

Wednesday Wow!

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Let There Be Light

Our full service design clients are smart.  Most times they know what they want to achieve when considering a renovation.  When their wants and our initial thoughts are the same, it is only a matter of creating the process needed to reach the goal.  For this project, the main goal was to bring more light into the central hub of this already wonderful home. Creating a space where everyone could be part of the action was the icing on the cake!


laurelbledsoedesign-kitchen-remodel-before-after -hidden-coffee-bar


Immediately we all knew we had to come up with a plan to allow the two small windows to be featured.  Take a quick look back at the before shot of the kitchen…these gems were hidden behind a wall that created an entrance from the garage.  The laundry area, relocated to the master closet, was also tucked behind this wall.  We will have to share more about that in another post!


During the planning process, we also suggested opening the wall between the new kitchen and the dining area as another way to capitalize on the natural light.  After a few “are we sure” moments, the result is a full quartz splash below the opening to the dining area.  This allows for the two spaces to remain divided yet lets all the love and laughter float through.

laurelbledsoedesign-kitchen-remodel-before-after window-dining room

A simple rearrangement of the existing sectional to the exterior wall really adds to the more open concept of the combined family room and new kitchen.  Now the mister has a pretty good view when cooking at his new prized gas cooktop in this large island.  Light floods the new kitchen from all directions.


Sidenote:  See the diamond pattern floor canvas peeking out from the sink area?  Our client’s designers (us) suggested a similar concept of tile to be inlaid in the wood floor.  Later we learned this idea was privately met with a “hell no”!  So we smiled when we saw this canvas.  Compromise is the key to creating the Perfect LBD.

Same Wall-New Design


Using about the same amount of wall space, the new cabinet layout houses the same appliances as before plus a warming drawer.  The new layout offers plenty of pantry storage and creates a visual barrier of the garage door entry.


laurelbledsoedesign-kitchen-remodel-before-after -appliance-wall

Tim Johnson, and his talented crew, of M&H Custom Cabinets worked with the experts of  Tradeworks Remodeling, to make this design a reality.  Our sincere thank you to both!

Mixing Cabinet Finishes Adds Instant Character

laurelbledsoedesign-kitchen-remodel-before-after -hidden-coffee-bar

A very common kitchen trend is for an island to be of a different finish than the other cabinets in the plan.  We already shared the wonderful walnut base of this island on the range side.  Now take a look at what happens when we open the doors to the coffee center!   Our client liked the mix of the finishes so much, we added the walnut in the far left opening after the install.


Using New Space

We all have a tendency to fill up any available space we create.  It’s human nature.  In this project we have allowed for seating for four at the island.  In reality tho, we all stand around an island 75% of the time.  So why not make our everyday seating for two more comfy and so we can converse with each other?

And for the holidays…simply add some greenery before we add all the goodies for our families to enjoy with us!

laurelbledsoedesign-kitchen-remodel-before-after -happy-holidays


There Is No Place Like Home For The Holidays!

Thank you to our clients for sharing this inviting kitchen.


Hinkley Lighting By David Heady

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    1. Planning time about 3 months so that renovation estimate of 10 weeks was pretty close. Thanks to the team our wonderful clients hired!

    1. Thank you! Oh yes, we love our cabinet makers. They can build anything we design and the finishes are ones you just can’t help but “touch”!

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