The One Big Thing We Miss With A No Gift Christmas

We all have most of what we need, and even what we want.  The excess of holiday gifts can add to our stress when both buying and receiving.  So many of us are on board with the idea of spending quality time with each other this holiday in lieu of giving tangible gifts.  We will even coin the phrase “to be present”  is the present.  Catchy, right?   However, there is one big thing we will miss in a no gift Christmas….

Beautifully Wrapped Gifts!


A few weeks ago we shared this post about how to store our gift wraps.  Today on another Friday Favorites let’s look at some beautiful packages!


Laurel’s Favorite Gift Wraps

Medium Dress 1

I’ll be the first to admit that I’d rather plan to do the wrapping of any holiday gift than actually hunt for the perfect item for anyone.  In the past, I’ve organized holiday gift wrap nights where a few of us all get together to wrap gifts.  Add music, a little wine, and these nights could easily become a tradition for many groups.



festival collection-silver-gold-gift-holiday-wrap

Kristen’s Favorite Gift Wraps

Medium Dress 2

Mr. LBD Junior is the gift wrapper in our house.  I just get to choose the paper and all the goodies that make each gift special!






Holiday Decorating

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Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 8.36.32 AM.png



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5 thoughts on “The One Big Thing We Miss With A No Gift Christmas”

  1. Wow…these are artwork!! I have to admit that my gift wrapping skills are terrible. I yearn to be able to produce presents like these. That’s why I have resorted to bags (shameful, I know)

    1. Not shameful…but if you want to change your ways…start small and practice for smaller occasions. It can be overwhelming at holiday time!

  2. Hi Laurel, I’m with you regarding ‘presence’ rather than ‘presents’. But there’s no doubt that the gifts above are beautifully wrapped and so elegant, Lxx

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