Why Do We Over Think Our Interior Design?

A Powder Room Before….


It’s our human nature to make the surroundings we live in the best they can be.  Yet when it comes to actually making the decision to change our environment, we often overthink our interior design. Why?

A Powder Room After

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Classic Interior Design Is Simple

Recently, our firm had a wonderful opportunity to design, and implement, a renovation in which we enhanced many of the existing elements.

Many times, when considering a change to our interior’s design, our first thought is that everything must go for a new design to happen.  While sometimes this is the best approach, other times, with elements that are assets, we are given more time and money to enhance what we already own.

Knowing What To Keep In A Design

How is the best way to know what to work with in a design?  Ask the right interior designer.  Not only can we immediately advise what elements are worth working into a new design plan, we can also show you how to spend the project dollars wisely.

Same Vanity With New Hardware

For this project, the existing vanity cabinet, counter top, basin and faucets are all good elements.  In fact the faucets are top of the line Kohler which we continue to spec in new projects today.  So why over think and change any of these features?  Instead, we changed out the builder grade cabinet hardware with some design oriented knobs.  Over thinking a project can mean missing out on opportunities we assume can’t happen…like this beautiful trade carpentry, detailed wall design in the photos above.

Existing Vanity-Nothing Changed But The Hardware

Expected And Subtle Changes

Here’s what we didn’t over think for this, now classic, bathroom design.

  • the new flooring being the same product we used in the other areas-consistency is an asset
  • changing out the expensive existing commode that is just not a great design for “everyday” use –let go of the things that don’t work and bug you
  • changing out the light bulbs to reflect what we really wanted to see-more than not, the right light bulb can make a huge difference in the colors we see in a design
  • no reservations on nixing a wall mounted potty paper holder!-isn’t this quick Amazon find just perfect?
  • thinking a wall detail using a talented craftsman is not possible-it’s all about choices and the right designer is always full of ideas to consider!

How To Be The Best Interior Design Client And Stop Over Thinking!

  • don’t assume a project is too small to use the right interior designer-look how much can be achieved within the same budget with a set of designer eyes looking in!
  • be open minded to the suggestions and recommendations of your designer-our goal is to present options you may not be thinking about 
  • be realistic about the overall budget-not sure, ask us and we will guide you to a number that fits your goals
  • be confident and relax, design should be fun-and even if it gets a little hairy-we’ve got this!

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