Who Says A More Minimalistic Approach To Interior Design Can’t Reflect Our Personalities?

Another Amazing Before & After Design


A minimalistic interior design can often be, well, boring.   Often we all think that having less means taking away the personality in our decor.  Today on another Wednesday “Wow”! nothing could be further from the truth!

Wednesday “Wow”!

Medium Dresses - Courtney 6.14.17

Our firm is blessed with clients that have no shortage of the most interesting furnishings.  Working together to decide how to best feature all these treasures is often an evolution.  Such is the case of this great 1950s fireplace wall that finally hit the sweet spot!

Today let’s look at how the living room was before, and during, the update.

The Before Living Room

Adding Well Thought Out Molding

A misconception about using an interior designer, is that the process can be long and fees expensive.  Using the right designer, one you have an ongoing relationship with, is sometimes as easy as a few quick emails back and forth.  Here’s the quick  concept  planning for this feature wall.


It takes a village to design and build a wall!  A good designer, an owner to source a special (but off the shelf) material, and the expert craftsmanship of a talented renovation team.  After that…just add the perfect color of white paint to it all!

A White Out & Creating Covered Storage

Don’t Miss The Custom Crafted Bookcase Doors!


Play House With Your Own Furnishings

Less does not mean less.  This fresh, welcoming space retains the same amount of seating and accommodates so many casual “stop by” evenings.   In about 30 minutes, we helped the owners “shop from home” and completely change the decor of this space.   The area to the right of the now, much more discrete TV, can be used for seasonal decor.

Where’s Waldo Moment

Have some fun and see if you can see one thing we tweaked, even after the room was put back together.  Hint:  Art


The Lived In Room!

We love to help our clients create living rooms that are actually lived in AND meet the goals of the “interior design” within them.  We’ve personally enjoyed this room many times and it always feels like the Perfect LBD!

Thank you, Eric Seltz, for another project referral in the Lousiville, KY area!


One More Hidden Gem


Oh yeah…this amazing space also is home to a piano!  See the light show explosion on the wall?  Perhaps soon we will give you a peek into this home’s kitchen.  What an opportunity we’ve had!


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6 thoughts on “Who Says A More Minimalistic Approach To Interior Design Can’t Reflect Our Personalities?”

  1. Sometimes I think the minimal approach can tell you even more about people because you can really focus on the items and their significance. When there’s too much stuff, it’s overwhelming (let’s just say I know this from experience…ha ha)

    1. Our job is always easier, and projects are simply stunning when clients edit with care to showcase what is most important to them.

    1. Thank you! BTW we have been unable to comment on your blog but read it often! Something is up with all google sites!

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