The Free Architecture Diet & Exercise Plan

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It’s early January of a brand new year!  Many of us are feeling sluggish and ready to start fresh.  However, the idea of any kind of scheduled, planned, costly commitment is the last thing we need.  What if we take advantage of the architecture in our own cities to get a little free diet and exercise plan underway? 


Motivational Monday

When Mr. LBD and I plan our vacations around enjoying the architecture of a new area, we seldom have to worry about what we consume or allow for a gym workout.  We can spend an hour or more walking in the fresh air and feel the stress melting away.  Last month, during all of the holiday rush, we stole a few minutes to stop and look at some architecture we’ve passed many times.

Free Architecture In Our Own “Backyards”

burns-court-sarasota-architecture-stucco-house-tile-roofs-iron fences
Decorative Iron Gates

The Burns Court Historic District is standing the test of time.   Developer Owen Burns and architect Thomas Reed Martin constructed fifteen dwellings, and corresponding nine garage outbuildings, between 1924-1925 in Sarasota, Fl.  Today these structures support the growing idea of a work-home neighborhood.   The sidewalk, vehicular access patterns and masonry wall enclosures are remarkably intact.

burns-court-sarasota-architecture-tile steps-moroccan-design
Inviting Entry & Tiled Stairs

Mixing Old and New Architecture


Take a closer look at the photos above and below.  You’ll see the modern condo buildings and these little architectural gems live happily side by side.


Timeless Architecture Evolves

The range of artistic freedom is featured within this enclave of homes.  Each house, although each under 1000′, presents so much larger.  Like this one below, with the glass landscape pebbles in various shades of blue and the bright double entry doors.

burns-court-sarasota-architecture-blue doors-glass pebbles-landscape-design

Finding A Free Architectural Diet & Exercise Plan

burns-court-sarasota-architecture-porches-palm trees

Take some time to learn more about the pockets of architecture that are within a close radius.  Watch for a clear day, bundle up if needed, and find an hour to stroll.  Grab a coffee, or walk off lunch.  Go solo or enjoy chatting with a friend.  I for one, find looking at architecture much more inspirational than walking on a treadmill!

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    1. Happy 2019 Friend! Watching your little one grow on your blog and instagram. We should probably add…grab the stroller for you on your architecture local tours.

  1. What a wonderful suggestion! It’s only better if the blinds or curtains are up and you are lucky enough to get a peak at the inside. I am not being nosy; I just love to see how others decorate. Thanks.

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