Want Interior Design That Wows Us All?

Slow Down!


In today’s world of too many things being able to be obtained instantly, as in the 2 day delivery option of Amazon Prime, it is refreshing to work with a client who is willing to wait for an interior design to evolve.  And if you think this photo is the “after” shot…..think again!

A Before & After Dining Room

A little hard to believe the lead photo on today’s post “is” the before shot!   Where’s the ugly wallpaper, the builder’s choice light fixture or the furniture gifted by Grams that she didn’t even like?

A few years ago, during a first phase of our clients renovation, the dining room got a fresh paint job and the incredible light fixture was added to use with her existing furniture.  Quickly came the barely there contrasting metal chairs at the end of the table.  Overall, a very impressive statement walking in the door!


However, with growing boys, and a passion for being the host of large family gatherings, the table size had its limitations.  Without rushing, a designer is able to consider several options and make recommendations that are truly unique.  But what do we look for?  Ah, sometimes the idea is right in front of us but just takes time for us to discover.

The Inspiration

Did you notice the little note in the photo above about our “Project Supervisor”?  Miss P has been with us every step of the way thru various renovation projects.  Her contrasting dark and white coat is a perfect example of nature inspiring design.  Since it works so well for her…why not steal the idea for the dining room?  How about adding an oversized, white lacquered table amongst the other dark finishes?!



Wednesday “Wow”!



The longer table, it’s 100″ long!, allows all six existing chairs to be at the table without any more knocking knees. Turning the direction of the table changes the perception of the room and lets the lighting be even more of a statement.  There is something magical about how the high gloss white table really brings out the richness of the wood floors.

Remember this past Wednesday “Wow”! and the updates we suggested for that dining room?


Our Focus Can Change During Interior Design Projects


Ironically, part of the initial hunt included a larger size service cabinet.  Perhaps someday there will be one out there that will be a welcome addition.  Until then (or never) we think the simple change of the table strikingly completes this space!

A Simply Stunning Interior


Back to the question today….”Want Interior Design That Wows Us All?”

Let Good Design Evolve!

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  1. I think I’ve gotten much better at this….heck, it took us 3 years to finally get to the living room. But sometimes what we want isn’t out there when we first look.
    As for the supervisor….I bet he’s as good as ours!! LOL!!

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