The Best Way To Never Have An Outdated Kitchen Again

 Always Plan A Classic Design


Ever walk into a house and know exactly when the house was built, or remodeled, because of the interior design?  Join us today for another Wednesday Wow and how this kitchen has been transformed to never be outdated again!

Wednesday “Wow”!


Architecture Should Set The Interior Design


Today’s kitchen now lives in a charming 1950’s ranch in the most wonderful neighborhood.  However, as you can see from the before photos, a mid ’80’s remodel had been done either to suit the taste of the owner, or because this is what was popular in kitchen design at the time.  Although the kitchen functioned, it appeared cramped and a bit too cottage in style for this mid century home.

Plan For Rooms To Have A Relationship


In the 1950s, kitchens were planned to be set apart from the rest of the home.  Today, any time a wall can be removed, or an opening enlarged to give another area a connection to the kitchen, we consider this an improvement.  Done correctly, this is an update we don’t see changing any time soon.  The photos above and below show the pre renovation separate kitchen and dining area.


In the new plan, the kitchen and dining room have a beautiful relationship!


Choose Timeless Finishes


When designing a renovation, our firm, laurelbledsoedesign, will present style and finish options that are appropriate for each individual client’s needs while considering the architecture of a property.  With this approach, we are able to help our clients create timeless designs in their homes.  Look again at the elements of the updated kitchen ….hard to tell if this kitchen was completed recently, 5 years ago* or is even older.

Take Advantage Of Natural Light


A very simple way to never have another outdated kitchen is to take full advantage of natural sources of light.  Colors are influenced by light.  Spending some time learning how the light enters a space has a tremendous effect on an interior design.


Wow!  Look at the way the sunlight dances in this kitchen now!


Plan The Design To Allow For Modern Elements


A good kitchen interior design will allow for changes to take place as time goes on.  A coffee station, in which the machine can change size and function, is an example of a flexible design that will keep a kitchen updated without major renovations.


*Did You Guess How Old This Kitchen Is?

5 Years

And Aging Beautifully!




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7 thoughts on “The Best Way To Never Have An Outdated Kitchen Again”

    1. Every space should have one wow factor and when its one this great it really makes an impact!

    1. Always our number one consideration. Mother nature knows her stuff…show off!

  1. Light. Mmhm. My kitchen is 1919 and sadly, 80s appliances and TERRIBLE lighting. *sigh* Worst, her floors are gorgeous, painful porcelain tile that shatters everything that falls. It won’t always be so, though, and at least half her cabinets are real wood that will probably outlive us all!

    1. All the cabinets are solid wood. Yes, well made wood cabinet in classic style will be timeless.

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