We Love Our Pets….But Oooooh Not The Hair In Our Homes!



Boy did this photo we shared on our Instagram during the holidays get noticed!  We also got not one, but two emails asking what we thought about pets and their hair when planning a home design.  Join us today for our first Friday Favorites of the new year and see what we really think about pet hair!

If we were doing one of our  “We Spy With Our Designer Eye” Sunday post about this photo, we’d be all over the fact that what makes this room so inviting is the pup curled up near that cozy fire.  Fido looks like he is ready for his master to join him and get some work done!

Seemed like a perfect holiday hiatus photo to share.  Little did we know it would conjure up questions considering pets in our designs …aka how to handle dog hair!

Love The Pet…Not The Hair!



Here’s the skinny.  During an initial consultation, if we are not greeted by the “real” homeowners of the four legged variety, we ask about pets first off.  How many, what kind, hair color, do they drool and expel other things (TMI!), and where do they sleep.  Family pets are important and we take them very seriously when planning a design.

Pet Hair Control

What we’ve found best is to test various blankets that our pets will love and know it’s their spot.  A blanket is portable, it can be on the floor, bed, chair or sofa, and is washable.  This one below comes in multiple sizes and seems to be a favorite for several of our clients. 


Pet-Hair-Control- Interior-Design


Personal tip….yours truly always uses a lint brush to get most of the hair off the doggie/kitty laundry.  Works so much quicker than vacuuming!



Pleasant Dreams!


Blast From The Past!

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13 thoughts on “We Love Our Pets….But Oooooh Not The Hair In Our Homes!”

  1. So this is exactly why I LOVE coated and faux leather pants so much better…they don’t collect pet hair.
    Yet no matter what you do you live with it, right?? Their love makes up for all the mess!
    I have found that water works almost as well if not better than those lint brushes. Sounds crazy, right? But I just take a little bowl of water, dip my fingers in it, and then rub the couch. All the fur comes off in my fingertips…and it’s much less expensive.

    1. Good tip! Our clients who have these blankets swear the pets learn (or want to) lay on them more than anything else. One says her dogs drags it around where he wants to be! Now that is an accommodating pet! For cats…they’d expect us to read their minds and move the blanket!

  2. Love the tips – blankets and Jodie’s water tip! We have a long-haired cat and keeping up with her cat hair is a chore. She’s worth it though.:)

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