Would You Have Art In Your Laundry Area?


Laundry areas come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and all serve the same purpose.  For most, doing the laundry is a necessary task.  For others, laundry time is so much more fun with laundry art!

Motivational Monday


It’s the time of year we hear a lot about organizing everything in our homes.  Heck we even did a 10 Week Series last summer about quick ways to organize the problem spots in our homes.  Organizing is all well and good…but what if we added some meaning to areas of our home we think of as task areas.  Today let’s get motivated to consider adding art to our laundry areas!

Laundry Area Art

lauren elizabeth- laundry-closet-wallpaper-art

What a lovely, small laundry closet!  Not sure what we like more…the soft fluffy rug or the layered pair of art on the washer.


Ok yes, the pink door wins hands down on grabbing our attention in this laundry passthru, but with a closer look we appreciate the botanical art group on the wall.


Cool, cool, cool!  We can only imagine the clothes this laundry gets to see each week. Look at that modern wall art!

dinabandmaninteriors-hand painted-wallpaper-laundry-dog-wash

Lot’s going on in this blue and white laundry room but we like it!  The walls are the art in this pups bathroom.

What About It…Finding Some Art And Your Hammer Now?!


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Remember This Past Laundry Area Makeover?

We see the tiny art under the hanging rod!


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Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 10.22.10 PM.png

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