When It Comes To Art…Mr. LBD Is Always Right!



Do you know what this designer dislikes most?  Admitting that someone else in the family is always right about art!

Why Do We Have Gallery Walls Of Art

CFA Gallery George Baselitz

First of all, somehow the term “Gallery Wall” has done a 360 as far as meaning.  Most art galleries spread out single pieces of art.  The idea is for us to linger in front of each one to make sure we always get the full effect of whatever the artist wants to put forth.  So why do we cram as many pieces as we can into our self created gallery in our homes?

Personally, for us, it’s because we are art junkies.  We simply can’t bear to give up any piece of art that means something to us.  The longer we collect art, the more we gain. This, combined with our ongoing downsizing, means we have to be creative of how we enjoy our treasures.

A Gallery Wall Before & After


Wednesday “Wow”!

Before- Neutral Gallery Wall

Remember this past post where we talked about the right way to hang a gallery wall?  Yes, the one that featured this neutral, but interesting textural collection of art?  Well everything has changed!

Mr. LBD has never been happy with negative space. (see that blank space above the tree?) He is a mound builder.  Our homes, and landscapes are never finished until every inch has been lovingly attended to.  In his opinion, every spot is just waiting for the perfect fix.  We rarely disagree about the content of a piece of art.  Where to place a new piece is another story.  I was very content with this sunny spot until this guy arrived!

After With “Radishio”

As you can see, I was wrong.  There really are no set rules when creating a wall full of art that means something to each of us.  As the designer tho, I am taking all the credit by saying, so far, I think we are the only ones to have a colorful baby alpaca mixed in with our otherwise neutral wall of art.


Need Rad’s Cousin?

When talking with a friend about what to name our guy…she said it had to be something Coloradoan -ish….thus Rad-ish-io came to be.  The artist does a wonderful job making these animals jump off the canvas and beg to go home with us.


Linda Israel

What Kind Of Gallery Wall Appeals To You?

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Mixed Frame & Mixed Media Gallery Wall

laurel & wolf

 Similar Content Gallery Wall


Similar Frame & Mountings Gallery Wall

west elm-white-frames-mixed-art-gallery-wall
west elm

Black and White On Color Gallery Wall

sincerely sara d


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6 thoughts on “When It Comes To Art…Mr. LBD Is Always Right!”

  1. It’s absolutely perfect, and occasionally our hubbies do find a treasure!!
    I just adore gallery walls where all of the art is mish mash. My bookclub friend has one in her house and it’s fabulous. I’m not as good about putting them together. I want to, but ….
    So right now the wall up the stairs is empty. blank. nothing hanging on it.
    It may change….

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