Dirt Can Be The Greatest Motivator When Choosing A Tile Floor – Take Two

Our most viewed post of 2018 is apparently all about being dirty!  Seriously, it’s about choosing products in our renovations that suite our lifestyles.  Let’s take another look on this Motivational Monday!

 Floors That Show Less Dirt

vtwonen concrete tile patio floor -littleblackdomicile

Clients who know us well know that we always ask about pets during the initial consultation.  Even during a virtual design, we like to know all about the pets.  Type, size, and color.  Why do we want to know the color of a pet?   And what in the world has this got to do with floor tile?

Choose Your Floor Tile Based On Your Pet’s Hair Color

No we are not kidding.  Personally, for years this has been a guideline for our homes.  White cat, white rugs.  Gray cat, gray tile.  One of our dogs was a sandy colored Cocker.  The perfect dog hair color for so many flooring options.  Alas, she was a terrible dog and for the last 17 years we’ve had a perfect Border Collie with one exception…the hair!  Black dog, dark floors.

Sorry, got off on a tangent.  The task at hand is assisting a client to choose tile for her covered lanai area.  (I had no idea what a lanai was until we became Floridians.  It’s just a fancy name for a covered patio.)

Motivational Monday

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

So today we will talk about a few guidelines we recommend our clients consider when choosing an outdoor tile.  No matter what we suggest, there is one motivator that tops all.  DIRT.  We all want a tile that looks like we just cleaned it when we have not touched it for months weeks.  Let’s address the safety first.  No tile is slip free, however, we can make selections that are more slip resistant than others.


Ceramic Tile On The Floor Is Slippery

Look back up at the beautiful large, dusty gray tile in the lead photo today.  While this may or may not be concrete, it is a look that so many of our clients drag out about 10 photos to show us when they are considering tile flooring.

They also show us a link to Lowe’s for this large, 18×18 tile that has the word concrete in its name.  They disregard the other word, ceramic, because this tile is much less than porcelain tile which is more suited for outdoors.  While some porcelain tile can be slippery as well, it’s a given ceramics will be.  Ceramic tile is wonderful for walls, keep looking for outdoor floors.


18x18 Concrete Ceramic Floor Tile

Emser Stadium 18×18 Concrete Ceramic Tile


Pattern In A Floor Tile Design Hides Dirt


Susie Reynolds Conservatory with Black and White Check Floor Tile

Oh there is nothing like a good pattern to be the dirty little chameleon we all love for easy maintenance.  A simple light and dark checkerboard pattern is always a classic choice.  This neutral design pattern can work with nearly every decor and is flexible with tile color and size choices.  Below is an option available at Lowe’s.  Tip:  Always get an actual sample of each tile color.  The names can be deceiving and when doing a checkerboard the sizes need to be the same.

12x12 Silver Porcelain Tile Floor

Emser St Moritz Silver Porcelain

12x12 Porcelain Olive Color Tile

Emser St Moritz Olive Porcelain Tile


Stony Floors With Lots Of Grip

Yes, a stone floor with similar coloring can be so attractive.  Yet, real stone can be uneven and create a tripping vs slipping problem.  Try a porcelain stone look tile.  The one below, also available at Lowe’s, offers a lot of design and is about as slip resistant as you can get.  Watch that color name again and get a sample.  There is more gray and creamy ivory in this tile than white.

habitually chic- stone tile floor- kitchen design

Lowe's Ivetta White Porcelain Floor Tile

Ivetta White Porcelain Tile

Smaller Tile Can Add Design And Need Less Maintenance

Smaller sized tile configured in interesting patterns can certainly help us to not notice the tiny bits of life that get carried in everyday.  In some cases, smaller configurations can also be more slip resistant.  Grout has sand in it (not for glass or marble tiles) and this will help reduce the smoother surfaces of the tile.  The flip side, more grout to maintain.  Choose a grout color that fits your lifestyle.  White grout is not a no-no, it’s just a know how to keep it beautiful.

Subway Style Tile On The Floor

Follow the same guidelines for safety, maintenance and type of tile.  Some wall tiles can also be installed on the floor in lower traffic areas.  Talk with a knowledgeable tile source about your specific application.  Look at the two great examples of using the rectangle subway style tiles.

kamingk design-gray brick floor tile-schoolhouse floor-littleblackdomicile

gray brick subway tile- littleblackdomicile

Skyros Gray Brick Mosaic Porcelain Tile


apartment therapy black chevron bathroom tile floor with white grout- littleblackdomicile

3x12 Absolute Black Honed Tile - littleblackdomicile

Absolute Black Honed Tile 3×12

Pebble Stone Flooring

Personally, I like this type of flooring and have it in our shower.  A truly wet area is proof that the slight unevenness of a stone floor can be a good way to address a potentially slippery area.  Stone comes in sheets that are fairly easy to install.  The installation does require twice as much grout material as other tile.  Some spas say this type of surface is good therapy for our feet.  I admit it took a few days to get used to but now I do have to agree it’s like a mini foot massage with every shower.  On a patio, or lanai, this could be a wonderful design feature.

Perfect-Pebble-French-Tan-C-188 Floor Tile


Pebble Floor Tile-littleblackdomicile

Anatolia Sunset Impressions Pebble Tile

Choose Your Grout Wisely For Tile Flooring

After you have decided the overall design goals for the tile floor, perhaps with one of our flat rate virtual design packages (shameless plug), there will be several options for the color of grout.  Sometimes grout that looks like dirt is the best choice!

Tec-customgroutcolors- littleblackdomicile

dbtile floor tile installer
Lastly, choosing the right installer for your project will always result in success!


The Dirty Little Tile Floor Secret

Your tile floor is still going to get dirty but with the right design, mum’s the word on how often you clean it!


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