Is There Such A Thing As A Mini Kitchen Renovation?


Let’s say we’ve got a 25 year old kitchen and a moderate budget for a mini renovation.  What can we accomplish and where do we start?

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Before & After Mini Kitchen Renovation

First of all, and we are probably going to get some emails from kitchen designers on this one, start by talking with an interior designer.  No we are not saying this because we want to take business away from them, but because the simple fact is that kitchen designers make money off of products and services they sell or recommend.  Their sources are geared toward complete kitchen renovations and for this we know many who do a fantastic job.

Kitchen Renovation Budgets

Ah, here’s that elusive word in many renovation projects.  Our design firm always talks about the budget in the initial meeting.  Please do not be shy about sharing this number no matter how small it may be.  Not every kitchen needs to be gutted to be wonderful.  If you don’t have one, all the more reason to use an objective designer to show you how to get the most value for the money in the most creative of ways!

Let’s take a look at this basic Florida builder kitchen 25 years ago and talk about the assets and the opportunities to update for a modest budget.

Using Existing Assets In A Mini Kitchen Renovation


This kitchen has a classic, white laminate cabinet style.  In fact, today a frameless, euro style, fully laminate cabinet like this is expensive to build.  Laminate is easy to clean, much stronger than wood on interior parts and easy to duplicate to make changes to the existing layout.  The hardware has already been changed to a modern choice.  The laminate counter tops are attractive and the color palette of this kitchen could be on any current Pinterest pin today.

Choosing Updates That Add Value In A Mini Kitchen Renovation


Although the basic layout of this 25 year old kitchen functions well, and is spacious, the design of a desk is not as usable in today’s kitchen.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have some quick casual seating instead?  What if we created some additional counter space and storage at the same time?

After With Added Counter Seating
After- With Additional Base Storage and More Counter Surface

Where Did We Spend The $10K Budget?

When we assist clients with small kitchen renovations, the budget can be anywhere from $5K to $20K when a total gut project is not happening.  After listening to our client’s wish list and absolute needs, we always present options.   Below is the listing of options and selections for this kitchen makeover.

After Kitchen Complete
  • High End Granite with Quartz Counter Tops  $4500*
  • (5) New Laminate Cabinets $1900
  • Mirror Under Counter Seating Area $100
  • Composite Sink and New Faucet $500*
  • New Stainless Refrigerator Handles $150
  • Dishwasher and Microwave $600
  • Splurge Induction Range $2500**
  • Terrazzo Floor Coating  $1200

Options-*new laminate counter, using existing sink/faucet – deduct $2000**electric range of same style (not induction) $1000 allowance

The Right Interior Designer Loves A Mini Kitchen Renovation!

A new kitchen of this size can easily cost $30K-$75K based on selections and the labor to demo and install all the components of a working kitchen.  In addition to the cost is the considerable downtime of a complete renovation.


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