The Right Interior Designer Has The Heart Of A Teacher

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Interior designers, with the heart of a teacher, just love it when a student thrives!

When our clients become the designer, using the concepts of a design to make it their own, we get all warm and fuzzy inside.   Let’s take a look at a quick update on this Past Post.



Last fall we had the opportunity to assist a client preparing their home to be marketed for sale.  You’ve heard us say many times, that no matter the style of a decor, spaces feel best when the scale and balance are correct.  In the home below, we needed a large chair with some color to anchor and balance the other furnishings in the house.  We pulled a chair off the crowded patio to fit the bill for scale and color concepts.

Interior Design Should Be About Teaching

A side note to this situation is that the owner needed a chair with support, yet was not totally on board with using an outdoor chair in the interior. (He still has a bit more learning to go!)  Seriously, he was thinking of waiting until moving into the new home to consider a chair.


laurelbledsoedesign-balance-interior-desogn-stage to sell

Plan The Work and Work The Plan

Interior designers provide a lot of information to clients during a project.  Our suggestion was to look for a chair “now” that could be an asset to the current home, give the support needed and be a piece to be excited about in the new home.  A piece with character and color.


laurelbledsoedesign-color-decor-leather chairs

Wednesday “Wow”!

The photo is worth a thousand words, and yes we notice the wine glass on the table so we know the teaching session has been a success.  Bravo!  We could not have selected a better addition.  Makes a designer’s heart warm!


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  1. It was so much fun stage my home for sale .
    You inspire us with ideas of color. And we look forward in working more with you in our future home.

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