Is Our Decor In A Tile Rut?


We are going to jump out on the proverbial limb and say it…home decor has been in a tile rut!

Friday Favorites


Maybe we just all need a little encouragement and what better way to do this than look at some of our Favorite Friday ways to use these amazing tiles!

There Is Life After White Subway Tile

jeff sheldon- white-subway-tile

First, there is absolutely nothing wrong with white subway tile in a decor.  This tile has been around for decades.  The main issue designers have with this selection is that so many other options are overlooked because of the extreme marketing of the last few years.  There are so many “twists” to the standard, flat 3×6 tile to consider if you must have white tile.  Perhaps you remember a post “Splish Splash” we did way back in 2017?

Tile installers are begging designers to go back to being pushy and encourage our clients to do something different.  What are we afraid of?

Afraid Tile Will Become Dated?


Here’s our opinion on the possibility of a decor choice becoming dated.  It happens.  Do we wear the same clothes we wore everyday in the ’70’s?  No.  Wait, before someone with a cool jacket from gram or gramps jumps on us, yes, when something is a classic it will stand the test of time.  And just like we all had to have those bell bottoms, we should not limit ourselves to the safe decor choices.  With a little planning, and help from the right interior designer, we’re pretty sure you can have a fun tile that will get you through the next decade or beyond.

Full Tile Walls


Go chubby!  Look at this small bath transformed with the dual color hexagon tile on both the wall and floor.  No one will be ripping this out in 25 years!

Colored Rectangular Tile


For every one who just can’t let go of the beloved 3×6 tile…maybe we can entice you to choose a soothing color like these celery vertically stacked beauties!

Gutsy Patterned Tile


What about these tiles that look like they are going to be at home for decades making one homeowner, after another, happy!

Creative Use Of Tile

speciellt taket-gold-mosiac-bath-tub-wall-tile

Think glam won’t be a forever classic design?  We are going to have to differ with you on this one.  Perhaps the twinkle lights will fade, but the tile will always be an asset to this architecture.

Plan The Timeless Decor

As with all interior design, almost anything can be worked into our home’s decor when we consider all of the factors.  The architecture and natural lighting in a structure combined with our tastes and budgets, all play a role.  Love a white subway tile?  Go for it, and add other elements in the design to make it your own.  Want color, or a bold design in a decor…we say go for it!  Need help making it a timeless decision?  You know who to call.

Bon Weekend!



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6 thoughts on “Is Our Decor In A Tile Rut?”

  1. Hah…great title and subject. Because doesn’t everything get dated at some point or another??
    We were watching the home and Garden channel for awhile before we cut the cord…and it seemed like everyone was using subway tile. You’ve seen the tile in my kitchen…nothing boring about it!!

    1. Thanks…and you know we can talk about all the many details of our homes decor for hours! It’s a blessing and a curse!

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